‘The Great American Trailer Park Musical’ to open at Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts

Photo courtesy Thingamajig Theatre Company
“The Great American Trailer Park Musical,” with music and lyrics by Colorado resident David Nehls, will open at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts on June 2.For tickets and show information, see pagosacenter.org or call (970)7631-SHOW (7469).

By R. Eli Townsend | Thingamajig Theatre Company

After a few seasons of truncated shows and industry-wide devastation by unforeseen forces, Thingamajig Theatre Company is back in full form and its season opener is chocked with rocking music, incredible talent and plenty of laughs to welcome us all back to the theater. 

Prepare to be thoroughly entertained and captivated by the uproarious production of “The Great American Trailer Park Musical,” with music and lyrics by (Colorado resident) David Nehls and book by Betsy Kelso, presented by Thingamajig Theatre Company at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts. 

Under the brilliant direction and choreography of Ann Evans Watson, a University of Michigan professor, this show is a delightful rollercoaster ride of laughter, heartwarming moments and unforgettable performances.

Leading the charge with their remarkable onstage chemistry, Allie Tamburello and Zac Mitchell bring an abundance of heart, humor and love to the production. Their performances are simultaneously heartwrenching and heartwarming, drawing the audience deeper into the story with each scene.

The ensemble cast, featuring Samantha Luck as Betty, Rosa Campbell as Lin and Nadia Belouchiu as Pickles, form a hilarious trio of trailer park denizens who never fail to keep the audience in stitches. Their impeccable comedic timing and vibrant portrayals add a layer of authenticity to the show’s humor, making every moment a joy to behold.

One cannot overlook the astounding talent of Ashley Woodson, who shines as Pippi, the runaway stripper. Her onstage presence and magnetic energy make it clear that she is a star in the making. Watching her perform is an absolute pleasure, as she effortlessly commands attention and showcases her exceptional skills.

Making a return to Pagosa, Trevor Brown delivers side-splitting comedic brilliance as Pippi’s dim-witted boyfriend. His impeccable timing and physical comedy skills have the audience roaring with laughter, reminding us all why he is a beloved performer in this community.

A musical is only as good as its “tunes.” The show and audience are in the good hands of the talented music director, Boni McIntyre. Every note of the production hits the mark with precision and passion. The music is a vital component of this show, and McIntyre has done a remarkable job of bringing the catchy tunes and infectious rhythms to life. The harmonies are tight, the melodies soar and the arrangements are simply superb.

One cannot overlook the incredible contributions of the live band, whose presence on stage adds an electrifying energy to the entire performance. The musicians are incredibly skilled, and their mastery of their instruments is evident throughout the show. The live music enhances the overall experience, creating an immersive and unforgettable atmosphere that transports the audience straight into the heart of the story.

“The Great American Trailer Park: The Musical” is a must-see for anyone seeking a night filled with laughter and a truly fantastic time. Opening June 2 at 7 p.m., this production will grace the stage at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts, running in repertory throughout the season alongside the sensational productions of “Jersey Boys” and “Godspell 2012” until Aug. 27.

Be sure to grab your tickets and immerse yourself in this hilarious, heartwarming and unforgettable experience. You won’t want to miss this fantastic theatrical gem that celebrates the beauty of laughter and the power of live performance.

“The Great American Trailer Park Musical” will run June 2-Aug. 27 at 7 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. For tickets and show information, see pagosacenter.org or call (970)731-SHOW (7469).