Joint Work Session Archuleta County Board of County Board of County Commissioners and Archuleta County Public Health Department Transitional Advisory Committee meeting Tuesday, April 11, 10 a.m.


The Agenda as shown includes topics to be discussed by the Transitional Advisory Committee.  The topics shown are subject to change without notice.  No decisions are made at Work Sessions.  All documents and items discussed are Work Product.  Work sessions are conducted in person at the Administration Building located at 398 Lewis Street.  Whenever possible, work sessions will be broadcast online via Zoom, which can be accessed from a computer or phone with internet access.  The Committee does not and cannot guarantee internet service or online broadcasting.  Remote attendance is at the risk of the attendee as public meetings will continue in person regardless of the County’s broadcast capability.   Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 916 0904 8375, Passcode: 4141885

Open Discussion With Board Of County Commissioners

Other Items Of Mutual Interest