Countywide Women’s Bible Study meets Tuesday mornings


By Stan Counsell | Special to The PREVIEW

The Countywide Women’s Bible Study has been studying the Book of Galatians. Within that book, the ladies saw how false doctrines were adding to or subtracting from the teachings of the apostle Paul. But, this soiling of God’s ways had its start back in the Garden of Eden. 

The Lord created a life of loving fellowship with the first man and woman. The ways of such blessings and boundaries of protection were clearly set. Yet, it didn’t take long for Adam and Eve to stretch those boundaries, bringing forever hardship to all of creation and humankind. There is something hardwired into all of us to “help” God because He obviously forgot our input, right? 

Cain thought a “get-by” offering of lesser quality fruit would be acceptable to the Lord that loved him. The Hebrew word “min-ha,” used for Cain’s offering, meant “to present a gift, to honor, a sacrifice that is usually bloodless and voluntary.” In contrast, Abel gave his best from his flock. One, from his heart, showed great love for the Lord. The other offered a token gift of ease, seen so often even today.

Our sin nature wants pleasure, not something that may “interfere” with our lives. So, ta-da, our marring of His Word is alive and well on planet Earth. There are those who acknowledge the Bible but pick and choose what they want to believe. Many, with good intentions, see a difficult passage but fail to seek clarity from their Bible teachers. A few, desiring their own recognition, want to add to His spoken Word, boasting that such is “God-inspired.” Many cults have their foundation in the before-mentioned. Still others, wanting God’s Word to support their changing society, take the “socially accepted” route of ignoring it, being far too cerebral to bother with such a trivial book.

Yet, within the Lord’s boundaries, there are the intimate feelings of true family, like a child calling out, “Daddy!” to Almighty God. They learn, by the Holy Spirit, to be unselfish and bathed in His love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. So, in Galatians, when the maligning of God’s gospel started to muddy the waters, Paul passionately tackled such with every fiber of his being.

‘Bert (Roberta) Counsell is a women’s pastor, gifted bible teacher, worship composer and a former chaplain with The American Red Cross, U.S. Border Patrol and an AIDS hospice ministry for over 35 years. She knows that all need Jesus Christ’s love, forgiveness and salvation. She is known for her humor and simplicity, a non-lecturing guide of the Lord’s Word. She loves a casual atmosphere with continual laughing feedback from the ladies. She has been a pastoral team with her husband of 37 years.

The difficult is easily addressed each Tuesday morning from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at CrossRoad Christian Fellowship in the spacious confines of its fellowship hall. The address is 1044 Park Avenue, right across the street from the Recreation Center. For more information, or questions, please call Counsell at (970) 264-9931. She’ll be happy to take your call. Remember to bring your Bible.