Countywide Women’s Bible Study studying Galatians


By Stan Counsell | Special to The PREVIEW

Regardless of your denominational background or being unaffiliated, if you are looking for Bible answers or just plain curious, this weekly study heartily welcomes you. Yes, this evangelical/born again Bible study is for every woman in and around Pagosa Springs. This ministry has existed for some 50 years. 

Do you desire to know more of God’s Word, the “difficult” being made easy to understand? In this study, you can let your hair down and kick up your feet in a joy-filled, casual and unstructured environment that’s just for you. It could be the answer to your prayers or desires. 

‘Bert (Roberta) Counsell has been a women’s pastor, chaplain, encourager, worship composer and counselor for over 35 years. Her ministering license will soon be elevated to full ordination by a worldwide (116 nations) Christian organization that endorses her. She guides each study with humor and God-honoring simplicity without any monotone lecturing. All ladies are totally free to laugh, ask questions, make comments and share experiences. She has been married to a now-retired ordained pastor for 37 years. 

Currently, the topic of learning is the Book of Galatians. All are discovering why the apostle Paul was worried that so many new Galatian believers were being confused by numerous false doctrines about the Gospel. Why did Paul say, in Galatians 1:7, “You are being fooled by those who twist and distort the truth regarding Jesus Christ”? Doesn’t that sound familiar today?

Why were some Jewish Christians and gentile converts spiritually struggling with each other? Why did Paul openly confront the apostle Peter over his surprising actions towards gentile believers in Galatia? Who are now the true children of Abraham? Why is there no longer Jew nor gentile, slave nor free, male nor female? Why is there now one body of Christian believers and not two, none holding privilege over another? 

These questions and many others are easily addressed each Tuesday morning from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at CrossRoad Christian Fellowship in the spacious confines of their fellowship hall. The address is 1044 Park Ave., right across the street from the Recreation Center. For additional information or questions, please call Counsell at (970) 264-9931. She’ll be happy to take your call. Remember, bring the Bible of your choosing.