Letter to the Editor: Law enforcement – Saving a life


Dear Editor:

I would like to begin with an apology to the citizens of Pagosa Springs and Archuletta County for violating the law during my residency here in the past two years. For my disrespect and endangering the public I was sentenced to jail time and surrendered myself in December to satisfy my sentence.

I am only able to write this letter because of the swift actions of two Archuletta county deputies and a patrollman from the Pagosa police department. While taking a shower I became unable to catch my breath, got dizzy and went to the floor as I knew I would fall. Unable to yell I faintly knocked on the bathroom door to try and signal for help.

Having had a near death experience just last year and spending my 20s as a life saving instructor I kew I was in trouble and could only think “I dont want to die on the bathroom floor of a jail”.

Within deputies Fowler and Cantu soon joined by officer Lewitt were kneeling next to me asking me if I was OK and to describe any symptoms. I wasn’t much help as I could hardly speak but I believe I said, “I think I’m having a heart attack; then began to lose conciousness.

Both women instructed me to stay awake and to keep talking and try to sit up as they helped me to an upright position. Joined by officer Leewitt, emergency services was called, I was continuously told by all officers, help was on the way and I was going to be fine.

In excruciating pain and terrified I think I lost conciousness 2 or 3 times each times to find the officers sitting me up and telling me to stay awake. I never thought I would be so happy to be awakened by people in my face telling me what to do; but I was and am more than I can say.

Awak when the paramedics arrived, they too did there jobs perfectly and as trained; assessing, inquiring, repeating and then they all placed me on the strecher and in the ambulance without incident.

On the way to the hospital the EMT’s could only find a faint pulse and could detect no heartbeat in either arm as I was driven and worked on during the 5 minute ride to the hospital ER.

I wont waist anyones time with my conditions or illnesses as this letter is to acknowlede deputies Cantu and Fowler and officer Leewitt, these woman and this man for saving my life. I’m sure they will say, “they were just doing there jobs;” but I know they they did more. Thes officers not only saved my life physically, they inspired me to live by letting me know I was worth saving; I was not so sure of my worth at that junction but know now I have more to do and give in this lifetime.

I ask that the county of Archuletta and the city of Pagosa Springs recognize deputies Fowler and Cantu and Officer Leewitt for their outstanding professionalism and ability to remain calm in a highly stressfull situation.

I encourage the citizens of Pagosa and Archuletta county to applaud and celebrate these fine officers as I believe they are what you want to represent this beautiful county and city.

Pleas recognize the power of the attuned touch and reach out to help someone without judgment as these three officers have done knowing that either helping or being helped all are lifted.

I with all my soul thank you deputies Cantu and Fowler and you Officer Leewitt.

Que la pz prevalencia en la tierra.

Daniel T. Bruch

Detainee, Archuleta County Jail

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