FSFE — Food Coalition wraps up first book club


By Rose Chavez 
Food System/Food Equity Coalition

The FSFE — Food Coalition wrapped up our first book club this past November that featured author Mark Winne’s text called “Closing the Food Gap: Setting the Table in the Land of the Plenty.”

Community members gathered weekly during late October and early November to meet and discuss the food gap across the U.S. and potential solutions for addressing local food insecurity issues right here in Archuleta County. 

A local community member who participated in the book club shared, “I had the privilege of meeting with a group of like-minded folks who are concerned about providing healthy food options to those in need in our community. While reading ‘Closing the Food Gap’ in a group, we were able to come up with some great ideas on how we can accomplish these healthy food goals as we move forward in our volunteer work with the FSFE — Food Coalition.” 

The book club ended with a virtual group discussion with Winne, who provided insights to participants’ questions and suggested a variety of other books as potential fodder for discussion at a future book club meeting. 

For more information and to donate to the work of the FSFE — Food Coalition, please visit our website at https://www.foodcoalition4archuleta.org/. You can also email us at fsfearchuleta@gmail.com or call (401) 371-3227.