On being thankful


    There is a lot to be thankful for in Pagosa Country.

    We asked SUN readers and Facebook friends what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving. The following is a sampling of what they had to share:

    “Family !!” — Mike Alley

    “The leaves turning brilliant colors, Good books, The perfect pair of jeans,, Happy hour, A good night’s sleep, Last but not least… TACOS.” — Julie Walter

    “All of the above!” — Nannette Andrews

    “20 years of music, dance, theater, kids of all ages (5 – 90!) creating magic and love on our home stage in Pagosa….” — Dale Johnson

    “The real power given to us by being surrounded in prayers, love, hugs. To open a card or get a call from those we have lost touch with.” — Janet Valdez

    “Thankful for many things. This year I’m thankful for the medical teams that cared for Janet and saved her life here in Alamosa. I’m thankful for the friends that constantly checked on her. I’m thankful for the few that called to check on me.” — J Mencor Valdez

    “That we live in this beautiful Pagosa Springs amongst wonderful people like you and our family of friends & my children, grandsons & G grandson…” — Jeanna Duran

    “I’m thankful for NEWSPAPERS!” — Erin McIntyre

    “Warm Apple pie and icecream.” — Jason Webb

    “Thankful for the many kindnesses and prayers I and my family have received as I continue to battle cancer. So very blessed to live in this beautiful community!” — Sally Logee Neel

    “I am thankful that my husband made it through his open heart surgery with no problems, and we are home to enjoy Thanksgiving with family.”— Kathleen Grams

    “Vaccines.” — Will Grandbois

    And in response to that: “Amen.” — RC Battels

    “Angels.” — Nancy Rozum Haines

    “I’m thankful to be recovering from COVID, and that didn’t kill me.” — Patricia Jensen-Shoffner

    “The love and support of family and friends – and a new heart!” — Kurt Jon Raymond

    “I’m thankful that our country is full of warriors and future warriors. They allow us to live our blessed way of life.” — Steve Powell 

    “I am truly and deeply thankful for my special friends here in Pagosa Springs. I wouldn’t make it through life without them. We’ve laughed and cried together, watched our children grow up, taken care of each other, made many special memories…and simply put…we truly love each other. My world is a better place because of them.” — Angela Lanier Wirth

    “I’m thankful for my parents, my children, that I have a home and a job, for food on my table, and for God being in myself and my husband’s life.” — Joan Vigil

    “Thankful to the gentle gig and family amen.” — Jackie Miller

    “Being able to be with my family in our beautiful Pagosa home. Enjoying the Rockies, San Juan Mountains & beautiful rivers in the fall. What a true blessing to be THANKFUL for!” — Deborah Silva Tammen

    “I am thankful for Pagosa. Pagosa was good to my family for 19 years. Thank u Pagosa.” — Maryan Peshlakai

    “Skiing with yetis.” — Dan Dempster

    “I am thankful for the Covid vaccines and for the people smart enough to recognize the value of the vaccines.” — Melissa McDonald

    “I am thankful for my family and friend!” — Jordyn L Trujillo

    “I’m thankful my 88 year old father is cancer free. He made it thru Chemo, 7 hour surgery, radiation. Please don’t smoke or dip. He had a very very small sore on his lip. He is a stubborn ol coot!” — Cheri Harlow Greene

    “I’m thankful for the love of family and friends and the legacy our parents and grandparents leave.” — Lynne Jehnzen Bridges

    “I am thankful for our health, our friends and neighbors, our students and our supportive community!” — Linda Lutomski

    “A safe warm peaceful home with my furbabies.” — Lily Tarbet

    “I am so thankful for the opportunity to be in Healthcare. I love my job and all my coworkers and friends that I have made here at my workplace.” — Misty Carrasco

    “I’m thankful for my amazing beautiful children … who make me look like a good mom!!!” — Lisa Griffin Smith

    “Just thankful to be alive. And all that God has blessed me, my husband coworker’s, family and friends with each and everyday.” — Cindy Peden

    “I’m thankful for every small blessing.” — S.j. Cooper

    “My family, who have helped me thru a total shoulder. Science, the work they did to get the [vaccine] out in record time. My good health. So many things to be grateful for.” — Judith Farnam

    “So very thankful to be blessed to live in the peace and beauty of our Pagosa Springs surroundings….what a serene place to be when the rest of the world is in such a state of unrest…amazing grace!” — Marsha Vilhauer

    “I’m thankful, daily, that we found Pagosa and are living our best lives here in the grace of God’s perfect peace in a perfect place. I’m grateful for our community, our friends, family and freedom.” — Annie Stone

    “I’m thankful and grateful that we get to live in such a beautiful magical place.” — Stacey Fey

    “I am Thankful for my family, my health, work, friends that are like family and a home to live in. Be Grateful Always, some folks are not that fortunate.” — Isabel Webster

    “For being 8 years cancer free, working, serving and capable of keeping my home with my senior fur babies.” — Kathryn Andrea Grace Woodward

    “My family friends that we are still here to share thanksgiving once again it’s been a rough 2yrs for everyone but I believe in prayer and have faith.” — Mary Vangie Phyllis Martinez

    “Thankful to be with my family.” — Christina Lucero

    “Besides my amazing family and friends… I am so thankful for: Healthcare workers, Truck drivers, Farmers, And our men and women military personnel.” — Joanne Monteleone Irons

    “After a rough couple years of not being together for Thanksgiving great full to have our children and grandchildren at our home and we all are lucky to be healthy happy and together going to cook up a feast and saying a prayer for those going through a hard time right as so many are.” — Pamela Roeder

    “I’m thankful for the time I had even though it was short.” — Michelle Curvey

    “I am so thankful for my family my friends my good neighbors and the beauty we have in Archuleta Country.” — Betty Shahan

    There were a lot more answers than what we had room for this week. We are thankful for your thoughtful responses. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

    Terri Lynn Oldham House