Eckankar discussion planned: ‘Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships’


    By Lynnzie Sutton
    Eckankar Spiritual Experiences Group of Pagosa Springs

    Are you interested in techniques to improve your relationships with family, friends and co-workers? Let’s discuss the many relationships we have — from the divine to family, friends, colleagues and pets; and explore what we learned from them. We will discuss how to open your heart, how to love yourself, “right” discrimination in choosing relationships and love in action. Spiritual Experiences Group of Pagosa Springs will have a discussion on what our relationships teach us spiritually. 

    “Love is blind and probably always will be. The only way to find out anything in life is to go ahead and get the experience. Nothing is ever lost.” — Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships, p. 53, by Harold Klemp.

    In this discussion, we will discover the secret of all relationships and practical ways to improve your interactions with others. We will be doing spiritual exercises that will help us with our relationships. The discussion will be based on the book by Harold Klemp titled “ECK Wisdom on Relationships.” This book will be given as a gift to all new attendees.

    The discussion will be held at the Pagosa Lakes Property Owner Association (PLPOA) Clubhouse located at 240 Port Ave., across from the PLPOA administration office, at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Nov. 17. All are welcome. If you wish, you can RSVP through the Spiritual Experiences Group of Pagosa Springs: Click on the red attend button to RSVP. 

    These discussions are sponsored by Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, as a community service for people of all faiths and beliefs.