Two generations of talented authors in local family


    By Carole Howard 
    PREVIEW Columnist, and the library staff

    Regular readers of this “Library News” column may remember that local veterinarian and author Patty Latham has written two books that feature the adventures of a fictional Pagosa veterinarian named Dr. Josie Tate. Now, Patty’s son Jim Latham has published a collection of 12 very short stories titled “Noon in Florida,” and she has donated a copy to the library for your reading pleasure.

    Known as flash fiction or micro fiction because of their brevity, the minimalist stories cover a wide variety of topics from a dying father and the value of palm trees to the immigration situation and the joy of paying off the mortgage on a cabin. They demonstrate Jim Latham’s deft skill at sketching an empathetic scene with descriptive detail using only a very few words.

    A former Pagosa resident and frequent visitor to stay in touch with family and friends here, Jim Latham has moved to Oaxaca, Mexico, to concentrate on his writing. Pagosa is well-known for our high number of talented published writers, and these two Lathams are good examples. All three of the Latham books are available at your library in the local authors section.

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    How-to and self-help

    “It’s Your Funeral” by Kathy Benjamin is a practical guide to planning your own funeral. “The Weekday Vegetarians” by Jenny Rosenstrach contains innovative plant-based recipes to help you cut back on meat without living on scrambled eggs and bean burritos. “Braiding Sweetgrass” by indigenous scientist Robin Wall Kimmerer is a new, enhanced edition of this guide to ecological consciousness. “Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks” is the second edition of this Fodor travel guide. “Design a Healthy Home” by Oliver Heath contains 100 ideas to create a restorative, nurturing environment in your home. “Mushroom Wanderland” by master forager and chef Jess Starwood helps you identify 25 species of mushrooms and their uses. 

    Tolkien writings

    “The Nature of Middle Earth” by J.R.R. Tolkien, edited by Carol F. Hostetter, is a collection of writings that reveals the thought paths the author took to better understand his creation of Middle Earth in “The Lord of the Rings.”

    Other nonfiction

    “All In” by Billie Jean King is an autobiography of this star professional tennis player and social activist. “Center Center” by James Whiteside is a collection of essays by this male principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre who is also a drag queen and pop star. “Every Minute is a Day” by Dr. Robert Meyer and Dan Koeppel is an account of the chaos and compassion of an ER doctor in an emergency room under COVID conditions. 

     “Home, Land, Security” by Carla Power is an investigation into the reasons for domestic terrorism as explained by their mothers and other influencers. “Shutdown” by Adam Tooze is an analysis of how COVID changed global finance, politics and businesses. “Brothers on Three” by Abe Streep is the true story of family, resistance and hope on a reservation in Montana. “Chasing Me to my Grave” by Winfred Rembert is a memoir of an artist who uses leather tooling skills he learned in prison. “Honor Bound” by Amy McGrath is the biography of a woman combat pilot and instructor, the first female Marine to fly a combat mission in a F/A-18.

    Books on CD

    “By the Neck” by William W. and J.A. Johnstone is the first in a new Stoneface Finnegan western series. “Branded” by Eric Red is a Joe Noose western. “The Return of the Wolf” by Larry D. Sweazy is a Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger adventure. “A Slow Fire Burning” by Paula Hawkins is written by the author of “The Girl on the Train.” 

    Mysteries, suspense
    and thrillers

    “My Heart is a Chainsaw” by Stephen Graham Jones features a teen who is an expert on horror films. “A Slow Fire Burning” by Paula Hawkins is a book by the author of “The Girl on the Train.” 

    Other novels

    “The Last Chance Library” by Freya Sampson features a reclusive librarian who mounts a campaign to rescue the library. 

    Large print

    “Ralph Compton: Ride the Hammer Down” by Terrence McCauley is a western in the gunfighter series. “The Return of the Wolf” by Larry D. Sweazy is a Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger adventure. 


    “The Truffle Hunters” is the story of the Italian men and their dogs who hunt rare truffles. “Mortal Kombat” is an adventure about a high stakes battle for the universe.


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