Dance organization announces Expressions School of the Arts

    Photo courtesy Pagosa Springs Dance Academy
    The Pagosa Springs Dance Academy will now operate under Expressions School of the Arts, a new area nonprofit.

    By Katrina Thomas

    Expressions School of the Arts Inc.

    The Pagosa Springs Dance Academy (PSDA) has been a fixture of our community for five years now, and we are humbled by the growth we have seen during that time. From 40 students in 400 square feet to where we are today is truly a dream. To all of you who have made PSDA come alive and been a part of our dance family, we cannot thank you enough. We’ve decided it is time to expand our horizons and make an exciting change by transitioning to a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization: Expressions School of the Arts, under which PSDA will operate.

    PSDA has long operated similarly to a nonprofit as we prioritize people over profits. Our goal in creating Expressions is to better serve our dancers by expanding our scholarship programs, keeping dance affordable and accessible, and offering quality instruction in dance and other forms of art with the support of donors and grant funding. 

    The core values of PSDA will live on as a safe and empowering space for young artists to thrive, but we are thrilled to create a new, more sustainable program providing dance and arts opportunities for our beloved community. We invite you to join us on this journey as we pursue artistic excellence and continue to serve this amazing dance family we have nurtured. 

    We are thrilled to welcome Katrina Thomas as our executive director. Many of the teachers you know and love will continue at the studio, as well as advise the nonprofit board of directors. We wholeheartedly invite your input as we develop this endeavor. 

    The Expressions board is Casey Crow, Allison Dean, Laura Dimond, Suzy Halterman and Nathan Thomas.