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Seeds’ board announces Lynne L. Bridges Education Center following director’s retirement

Photo courtesy Jacque Aragon Lynne Bridges recently learned that the building that houses Seeds of Learning will be named the Lynne L. Bridges Education Center in her honor.

By Dee McPeek
Special to The PREVIEW

On Saturday, Aug.7, a large crowd of well-wishers gathered to honor Lynne Bridges on the culmination of over 30 years of caring for the children of Pagosa Springs. 

Current and former Seeds’ families, board members and donors joined her many friends and family to celebrate the next chapter in her life and the life of Seeds of Learning. 

Her first day of retirement was a chance to celebrate and remember the people and events that shaped her 18-plus years as executive director. A video loop of photos brought back many memories. Staff trainings and parties, events like A Little Black Dress Affair and Dancing with the Pagosa Stars and parenting classes were featured. Many of the photos captured Bridges with the students. When the stresses of raising money while directing staff and a high-quality educational program become overwhelming, she would search out the loving company of the kids. Whether sitting quietly with a child and a book or hugging every child at graduation, Bridges found solace and her sense of purpose for another day. 

The Board of Directors announced the building that houses Seeds of Learning will be named the Lynne L. Bridges Education Center in her honor. All entering the school will be reminded of the woman who devoted herself to giving every young child the best start possible in life. Many Seeds graduates, as well as kids that grew up in Bridges’ home day care, have matured into responsible, caring members of our community. The stable, consistent, determined care Bridges provided over decades was a key element in making the town of Pagosa Springs what it is today. She will be missed but never forgotten. 

Thank you, Lynne.

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