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Samaya Dunn de Pulido granted $5,000 scholarship from Pagosa Arts Initiative

Samaya Dunn de Pulido

By Sherry Phillips
Pagosa Arts Initiative

The Pagosa Arts Initiative is proud to have granted a $5,000 scholarship to Samaya Dunn de Pulido. Dunn de Pulido will attend Sierra Nevada University in Incline Village, Nev. 

She will study art history while in school. The curious thing about Dunn de Pulido and her chosen profession is that she had not officially studied art until her senior year of high school. She says that she always liked to doodle, but never had any formal training in art. 

While in high school, she focused her interests on volleyball and soccer. She had been an aide in Jenna Waite-Gannon’s art class during her junior year. She loved to hang the art that was created by the students and was always amazed at the connection between the creation and the creator. She thought that maybe she might like to be a student in that class the following year. This was the beginning of her interest in art. 

The selection committee was very impressed with Dunn de Pulido and her dedication to art, considering how late she got involved with it. The end of her junior year and her first semester of her senior year were spent in quarantine and she says that art was the only thing that kept her sane. She thinks that art should be for everyone and she hopes to experience that with others in her planned career of art therapy. She believes that art can tell a person’s story when words fail. She’d also like to address sustainability of the earth through art. Sometimes showing the essence of what things feel like will get the message across much more than a scientific article. Art evokes feelings in the artist and the art lover alike. Telling a story through art can be a much more powerful experience than words.

Dunn de Pulido will leave for Nevada and her new experience at the end of August. Pagosa Arts Initiative is completely thrilled with the bright future that Dunn de Pulido holds in store for herself and for the world at large.

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