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Know your devices: Protecting your data and other IT tips

By Cheryl Wilkinson
PREVIEW Columnist

The recent upswing in computer attacks serves to remind us that everyone can experience phishing, ransomware or other theft of your data. Once a hacker has your data, it is not simply a matter of “getting it back” or “recovering” your images, accounting, correspondence and whatever else you keep on your devices. That data is now free range — it is out in the world and cannot be pulled back. If that data includes access to your banking and investments, you may really be sunk.

At minimum, for phones and other portable devices, learn about privacy settings on apps. Apps often have permissions to access personal information such as contacts on your device, your physical location and your camera images — that’s for apps that have nothing to do with snapping a photo. Some apps need this information to work, but most do not — and, worse yet, they may share the information they get from your device with other companies. 

Sign into apps from your email using a unique password instead of signing into apps directly from a social network account. Using a social network account often allows the app to collect and distribute information about you that you may be unaware is being transmitted. That permission can be buried in terms of use, but is not obvious to you as you use the app.

A false sense of security may be fostered through backups and cyber insurance. For those individuals and companies who go to great lengths to protect their information, they are likely to discover that backups are equally corrupted by malware and/or their cyber insurance does not cover them for the event they have experienced. Create a series of backups that are separate from your device (and family or business networks) and secure the backups in a safe (preferably fire and waterproof) location — best practice is a separate backup drive combined with a backup in the cloud.

To learn more about how to go about protecting your data, the pictures of your family and friends, your bank accounts and everything else digital in your life, the FTC provides free tips for consumers and businesses at: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/. You can search by topic and get up-to-date, easy-to-follow instructions.

Our website provides information about ASI programs here in Pagosa Springs, as well as resources for wellness and aging. You can also use our website to make reservations with the Community Café for takeout and Meals on Wheels at: http://www.psseniors.org/.


The Community Café in the Pagosa Springs Senior Center is requesting volunteers to help with the lunch desk. Please call (970) 264-2167 to volunteer or for more information.

Meals on Wheels
volunteers needed

The Pagosa Springs Senior Center Meals on Wheels program delivers approximately 3,000 fresh and frozen meals a year. We deliver fresh Meals on Wheels five days a week (and provide frozen Meals on Wheels for weekends) to homebound Archuleta County residents to help them stay healthy and independent in their own homes. 

This program is vitally important because many seniors have little to no access to nutritious meals. They are often too frail or have health complications that prevent them from preparing meals for themselves or from using the Senior Center’s Community Café drive-thru meals pick-up site Monday though Friday. 

The Senior Center needs volunteer Meals on Wheels Drivers for one day a week (or become part of our substitute driver team). Please join us as part of our driver team and build wonderful relationships with the seniors in our community. Call (970) 264-2167.

Dishes and china

Have old dishes or china that you no longer want to use or store? The Community Café is accepting donations of old dishes or china. Please call (970) 264-2167 for more information or to donate.

Take-out meals continue at Senior Center

In order to continue providing meals, the Senior Center is offering take-out hot meals and a salad with a drive-up option under the portico at the Ross Aragon Community Center. 

These meals will be available Monday through Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. There is a $4 suggested donation for lunch for those age 60 and better. If you need to have your meal delivered, please call (970) 264-2167 to see if this option is available in your area. 

The cost per meal for the public age 59 and under is $8.50. The meals include a salad, hot meal, drink and dessert or bread. 

Please call (970) 264-2167 to make a reservation for pickup. We are also continuing our Meals on Wheels program. 

There will be no games, classes or presentations during this time. The staff will be available by phone. If you need to speak to a staff member, please call (970) 264-2167.

The Community
Café menu

Thursday, June 10 — Pecan-crusted chicken with toasted pecan cream sauce, buttered yucca, Brussels sprouts, dinner roll with butter milk and salad.

Friday, June 11 — Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, gazpacho, milk, salad and chocolate chip cookies.

Monday June 14 — Beef Chicago-style hot dog on poppyseed bun, sweet potato fries, milk, salad and crisped rice treats.

Tuesday, June 15 — Asparagus crepes, pommes Anna, milk, Caesar salad and chocolate eclair.

Wednesday, June 16 — Oven-fried chicken, creamed corn, green beans, dinner roll with butter, milk and salad. 

Thursday, June 17 — Pork ribs, charro beans, milk, salad and lemon bars.

Reservations and cancellations are required. You can make a reservation at (970) 264-2167 by 9 a.m. the morning of the day you would like to drive through and pick up a meal. 

For your convenience, you can make your reservations in advance or have a standing reservation on days you know you will always pick up. Please cancel if you cannot attend on your standing reservation days. We want to thank everyone for their support by observing our reservation policy. This helps ensure that everyone with reservations receives a meal and enables us to provide additional and healthier meals.

Due to COVID-19, food supplies have been affected. Substitutions will be made accordingly.

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