Pagosa Springs Historical Museum to open June 1


    By Frank Zellner
    Pagosa Springs Historical Museum

    The summer season for the Pagosa Springs Historical Museum will begin June 1. The museum was closed for the 2020 season because of the pandemic. 

    The museum has long been a popular attraction for both the local residents and visitors from all over the country. The artifacts featured in the museum reflect the rich history of the Pagosa Springs area. Through the years and continuing today, generous residents have donated their family heirlooms, furniture, documents and precious historical items. 

    These articles are beautifully displayed for the visitors’ enjoyment. 

    Loretta Ross, president of the board of directors, encourages all to visit the museum on an annual basis as the venue is always enhanced by new donations. New this year are some exhibits from the famed cartoonist Fred Harman’s collection. The museum wishes to extend a big thank you to the Harman family for their contribution. 

    Ross said, “We are so grateful for the citizens and various business entities for their support of the museum over the years. Without you, this wonderful community treasure would not be possible.” 

    The Pagosa Springs Historical Museum is a nonprofit agency dedicated to preserving the area’s history and showcasing thousands of artifacts for the enjoyment of all who visit the museum. 

    As with any nonprofit agency, local volunteers are essential in maintaining the quality of its services. If you have some spare time and would like to volunteer at the museum, please drop by the museum and obtain the details for this opportunity. 

    We are fortunate to have long-time historian and curator Ann Oldham on hand at the museum. Oldham is always delighted to enlighten the visitors about the articles on display. 

    The museum is located at 96 Pagosa St. (1st Street and U.S. 160) and is open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. There is no admission price, but donations are always welcome.