Lady Pirates sit at 1-1 after first week of season

    SUN photo/Randi Pierce Sophomore Ava Pargin controls the ball as she looks for a way around multiple Alamosa defenders on May 13. The Pirates lost 1-0 to Alamosa in overtime.
    SUN photo/Randi Pierce Sophomore Ava Pargin controls the ball as she looks for a way around multiple Alamosa defenders on May 13. The Pirates lost 1-0 to Alamosa in overtime.

    By Clayton Chaney
    Staff Writer

    The Pagosa Springs High School Pirates girls’ soccer team went 1-1 over the past week, losing its first game at home against the Alamosa Mean Moose and then defeating the Bayfield Wolverines in Bayfield.

    The Pirates hosted the Mean Moose on Thursday, May 13, losing 1-0 in overtime.

    Coach Lindsey Kurt-Mason described the loss as “devastating.”

    “We certainly had a better passing game,” Kurt-Mason said.

    He explained that the Pirates were able to maintain possession of the ball for majority of the game, but were simply unable to break the deadlock to get on the scoreboard.

    “We took too long with the ball,” Kurt-Mason added.

    He noted that the Pirates were “dominating possession play” and that the team “played a really good passing game.”

    Kurt-Mason praised his goalie, Trista Tully, who made 13 saves on the day, noting that she was “very dominant in the back” and that it was “a marvelous display of her talent.”

    He added that Tully was making great saves from “point-blank” range.

     The Pirates fired off a total of 15 shots on the day.

    Nicole Bartz took seven shots, Sofia Haymaker had one shot, Lauren Monterroso took two shots, Camilla Gostynski took one shot and Samaya Dunn de Pulido took four shots.

    The Pirates earned seven corner kicks throughout the game, compared to Alamosa’s five.

    Kurt-Mason explained that Alamosa’s goal came about six minutes into the first period of overtime from a mistake in the back that gave a Mean Moose attacker an open shot on goal.

    Kurt-Mason also praised his entire team for the effort, noting how they only had 12 players available for the game.

    “They really held their heads up. They didn’t give up,” he added.

    He went on to mention the team bounced back very quickly and did not dwell on the loss for too long.

    “It hurts really bad when you lose like that, they got over it though,” Kurt-Mason added.

    He explained that the team showed up the next day for practice ready to work on its shooting. 

    “They want to work, they like the game,” Kurt-Mason said.

    He added that the Lady Pirates’ focus going into the game against Bayfield was to work on shooting and maintaining their shape from the defensive third into the offensive third.

    The Pirates took on the Wolverines on Tuesday, May 18, winning by a score of 1-0.

    The Pirates’ goal came in the first half, in the 28th minute, with a shot from Monterroso.

    Kurt-Mason explained that it was a quality “build-up” play.

    He explained that Bartz crossed the ball into the center to Dunn de Pulido, which drew the Wolverines’ goalie to the side of the goal and then dished the ball off to Monterroso, who had a better angle to rifle the ball past the Wolverine goalie.

    “It was a well-executed offensive play,” Kurt-Mason added.

    Kurt-Mason noted Bartz was Player of the Game.

    “She was everywhere and did everything. She had some beautiful cut crosses and great defense,” Kurt-Mason said.

    The Pirates took 20 shots on the day.

    Bartz had seven shots, Dunn de Pulido took six shots, Monterroso took five shots and Sorcha Sweeny took two shots.

    Tully made 15 saves and Kurt-Mason commended her performance again, noting how she distributed the ball from the back very well.

    Kurt-Mason also noted the whole team played with intensity.

    “It was pretty amazing, everybody took it up a notch,” Kurt-Mason added.

    He explained that the Pirates only had 12 players available for the game and that Bri Linzalone was unable to play in the second half, leaving the Pirates with no subs.

    He noted that Chloe Dawson came on in place of Linzalone and played a “very physical game.”

    He explained that the Wolverines put a lot of pressure on in the second half, but the Pirates’ defense was able to hold them off.

    “It’s a great team. They have a lot of good chemistry. They pull for each other and they celebrate with each other,” Kurt-Mason added.

    He also described the Pirates’ performances over the past week as an excellent example of “true grit.” 

    He noted the team stuck together and battled hard for the entirety of both matches.

    Kurt-Mason went on to mention that the focus going into next week’s competitions is for the team to stay healthy and keep improving its shooting.

    Next up, the Pirates will host the 4A Durango Demons at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 25, at Golden Peaks Stadium.