Spiritual Experiences Group of Pagosa Springs announces new discussion topic: coping with the tensions of living


    By Laurah Brock Young
    Spiritual Experiences Group
    of Pagosa Springs

    We’ve all had those days — days where stress catches up with us and we have difficulty keeping our balance. 

    Are you searching for balance in this fast-paced world?

    Do you wonder if there is a way to face stressful situations with love rather than fear?

    Do you have a feeling inside that there is more to life than coping with the challenges of the day?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, this discussion may be of help to you.

    “At certain times in your life, things are more up in the air than at other times. When they are, you’re living on the edge. Your nerves are frayed or sometimes you’re being pushed too fast for what you can do. If you don’t get it done, you wonder, then what? Because you do not know. These are the tensions of living.”

    “Spiritually, you can shift from coping with the tensions of living to finding a place of inner peace. It is possible to go within and find the answers to anything you face. It may be difficult to believe, but the answer to every problem you face is already within you. This does not mean that problems disappear. Yet, it can give you hope that you will find a solution. You are soul created from love. Put in this world to learn and grow in spiritual stamina. Make the shift from looking at life as a series of problems to seeing it as an opportunity to gain spiritual freedom.”

    These quotes are from The Spiritual Wisdom Journal titled “Coping with the Tensions of Living” by Harold Klemp, which includes stories from people who have experienced miracles as they let go of the tension of living and found new insights on how life works. It also contains a spiritual exercise you are welcome to try. This free publication can be viewed or downloaded at: https://www.spiritualwisdomjournal.org/Archives/swj_apr2021.pdf.

    All are welcome to join us May 24 at 7 p.m. for this spiritually uplifting discussion. Register by going online to https://www.meetup.com/pagosa-springs-spiritual-experiences-group/, scroll to this event, and press the red ATTEND online button ahead of time. Meetup will place the Zoom link on the event page and you will receive a reminder before the discussion.

    This event is sponsored by Eckankar as a community service for people of all faiths and beliefs.