Curtains Up Pagosa announces ‘Cinderella’ auditions


    By Antonia Bussoli
    Curtains Up Pagosa

    Auditions for the Curtains Up Pagosa summer show (“Cinderella,” the Broadway version) are approaching. Auditions will be via video submission or by appointment. 

    There will be three parts to the audition: singing, dance and reading. For the singing portion, you will need to prepare a solo from any musical except “Cinderella.” For the reading portion, you will need to prepare a one-minute monologue or read a children’s book with as much feeling as possible. The dance portion will consist of doing a dance combo put together by our choreographer. If you are interested in auditioning, have any questions or want any more information, please email Dale Scrivener at 

    The audition deadline is currently set as May 1. 

    Show dates and venue will be announced within the next week. 

    We are also looking for anyone interested in helping out with the behind-the-scenes aspects of our show. If you are interested in volunteering to help with our show in any way, please contact Scrivener at the email listed above. We are so excited to begin getting back into the eyes of the community as we all learn what a “new normal” is in the times we are living in.