Senior News: Think big and take small steps: getting inspired to actualize change


By Cheryl Wilkinson
PREVIEW Columnist

Remember calisthenics? That feels like the “first” back-to-health movement. But for most of us, it was just part of gym class. It was a simpler time. Before all the fancy, get-together workout classes and self-help books, there were straightforward things we did to stay active. And staying active let us do more things we enjoyed. School was easier when we were able to let off a little steam. As are most things.

With the world around us becoming increasingly complicated in the last year, everyone is a bit frayed around the edges. We could all stand to let off a bit of steam. And simple solutions might just be easier on the system overall. The biggest change for all of us is finding some way to be OK with the world as it is. That’s a tall order some days, for everyone.

So, here are some suggestions for how to be OK as you are and still work for more each day.

Think beyond exercise, and ask yourself:

• What is working for me right now? 

• What do I want to do that is different from where I am right now? What one thing might I change that might make me feel better?

• How do I need to show up for that? What can I adjust that might help me accomplish what I want to do? 

 Exercise your approach — then, circle back and see:

• Did I hit the mark?

• Was it worth the effort?

• If not, do I adjust the target or adjust my approach?

Set your own goals and take action. Pointers:

• If you take something away (something you feel you need to give up), be sure to add something rewarding in its place. On the flip side, you may find you can’t do something you used to love doing (either because you aren’t physically able to anymore or because of the pandemic lockdown — both types of loss are hard to cope with); in that case, think of a new, simple activity to replace what you’ve lost.

• Look for what will motivate you and help you accomplish your goal. Conversely, look at what might be stopping you from taking steps to reach it. Finding free or inexpensive, immediate resources or other solutions can help you get in motion toward your goal. If you feel like it, ask your friends if they are willing to join you. You can see what works for each other and that may lead to even better solutions and more success.

• Check back with yourself (and your friends) and see — has what I’ve changed made any difference? The quality of the change is what’s going to matter to you.

If it seems too easy, or not worth it (no payoff from doing something “easy”), then you’re missing the point — even simple calisthenics lead to feeling more invigorated and working up a good sweat. Only you have to know the reason for your renewed smile and the more relaxed feeling you have in approaching the world each day. 

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Tax help available

Due to COVID-19, the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program will not be coming to Pagosa Springs to prepare federal and state income tax returns this year. VITA will be preparing 2020 tax returns at no charge as part of the VITA program in Durango. Please register at: The gross income limit this tax season is $54,000. 

Take-out meals continue at Senior Center

In order to continue providing meals, the Pagosa Springs Senior Center is offering take-out hot meals and a salad with a drive-up option under the portico at the Ross Aragon Community Center. 

These meals will be available Monday through Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. There is a $4 suggested donation for lunch for those age 60 and better. If you need to have your meal delivered, please call 264-2167 to see if this option is available in your area. 

The cost per meal for the public age 59 and under is $8.50. The meals include a salad, hot meal, drink and dessert or bread. 

Please call 264-2167 to make a reservation for pickup. We are also continuing our Meals on Wheels program. 

There will be no games, classes or presentations during this time. The staff will be available by phone. If you need to speak to a staff member, please call 264-2167.

The Community
Café menu

Thursday, Feb. 4 — Beef tacos with homemade flour tortillas, charro beans, milk and salad.

Friday, Feb. 5 — Chicken paprikash, roasted Brussels sprouts, milk, salad and brownie cheesecake.

Monday, Feb. 8 — Grilled cheese sandwich, roasted red pepper soup, milk, salad and chocolate raspberry cake.

Tuesday, Feb. 9 — Beef stroganoff, sauteed asparagus, French baguette with butter, milk and salad.

Wednesday, Feb. 10 — Lemon garlic chicken, spaghetti squash, honey garlic green beans, milk, salad and carrot cake.

Thursday, Feb. 11 — Pork posole, cilantro lime rice, milk, salad and sopapilla with honey.