Letters to Santa


The SUN teamed up with Santa and his elves to help deliver letters to the guy in the big red suit, with the promise we could share those Christmas wishes with our readers, as they were written.

Hi Santa my name is Jaiden I’m five! I live in Pagosa springs Colorado in the mountains. Santa will you send snow please and make everyone’s dreams come true. If it’s not to much I would love film for my camera maybe some hatchimals there tiny and cute. Thanks you so much Santa for taking time we know your busy! Happy Christmas 

Love, Jaiden Martin

Dear, Santa Clause

This christmas I do not want anything. I want to help people and stop this cov 19 but if you can bring me a baby doll set and a slime set.

from: Alexa Morin

dear Santa for christmas I wont 6 brbeas for christmas and a popsea yoniccon and a lol kit.

from Abigail, age 8

Dear, Santa

I would like a lot of things but what I want most is some clay, cilm, markers and more fake nails. But want I want the verry most is this pandimic to be over so I can see my friends again. thank you!! Give this to your elves

Thank you for the presents under the cristmas tree every year. and a happy famly! Merry christmas

thank you elves

Love Olivia

dear santa my name is attikus vanness i am 4 years old an would like a new snow suit and boots size 11 or 12. a sled bike a hot wheels race track n car carrier a remote control cars and a new bike. please and thank you santa.

dear santa my name is anabella vanness i am 5 years old an would like a new snow suit and boots size 11 or 12. a big sled i wont fall out a tea set with table and doll a play house and a new bike please. thank you santa 

Dear Santa,

Hi it’s Dalton, I want a RC vehicle of any kind in yellow or blue I also want

– xbox

– nerf gun – fortnite one

– phone

– semi truck

– peterbilt log truck

– GTA for my xbox and fortnite

– optimus prime w/ bumble bee

– flatbed trailer and truck black

– remote control boat

Have a great day

Love, Dalton, 7 years old

Dear Santa, 

I want 100 smasher eggs and a parrot to keep grandpa company when I’m at school.

Orion, 4 years old

Dear Santa, 

can I have a makeup set? 

Darla age 6 

Dear Santa, 

I want all the things that Santa will give me. And a Santa book. I want all the presents. 

Piper age 4

Dear Santa, 

I want a wizard fafmir for Christmas. 

Finley, age 8

dear Santa,

My name is Logan and I am 6 years old. This year I have been mostly nice. This year for Christmas I would really like a chewbacca mask. It is what I want more than anything else. Of course, I do have a few more things on my list.

I also want sand art, rock tumbler, Buzz Lightyear, spider man band. The things I need are bike helmet with flames. Gifts I would wear are socks! And I would like to read audio books.

I can’t wait for you to visit! Just 18 more days.

Signed, your biggest fan, Logan Bristow

Dear Santa,

I love you, Santa. I want fire LEGOs for Christmas, please. What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Love, Amelia, age 5

Dear santa,

I hope you are doing well.

I wish covid-19 would go away. 

I wish for a new camera, a flint fire starter, a robot, and a cat. 

I wish for my family, friends and pets to stay healthy.

Your friend,

Hans, 10 years old

To santa 

I would like to have this christmas a nerf gun,legos,whuppie cushine, markers and crayons, blank pieces of paper and four covid vaccines 

From zyan

I want a new keyboard and some nerf guns so i can play with my friend And some sweaters and mabe some shorts and socks

From Haze, 4th Grader

My name is Amon Phillips and I am nine years old.

 A hoverboard, a crossbow nerf gun.

Dear Santa,

How are you and the reindeer doing? Is it cold up in the North Pole? We finally got snow here in Pagosa Springs. I love to play in the snow. Do you and the reindeer ever build snowmen? I would like some snow shoes for Christmas. Then I could go hike in the forest in the winter. Pagosa is a beautiful place. I hope you have a good Christmas!

Your Friend, Reilly

Dear Santa, 

I want a tablet and a big giant teddy bear and a lot of candy and a Racecar and I want a coloring case that has a lot of markers and a happy family and a doll house 

From De’Mia, 4th grader

My Christmas List.

A husky. Reason: because cats aren’t really playful and I want a dog that likes snow and outside.

Mha jackets. Reason: Cause My Hero Academia is my favorite anime and I would like the merch to show how much I love it.

A controller. Reason: I want a controller for the Nintendo. All my other family members have one except for me.

A trampoline. Reason: I have been on a trampoline before but I never had one of my own.

From Elisa, 4th grader

Dear Santa,

How was this year for you?

It’s not my favorite year.

How are the elves and you?

I’m doing well.

What I want for Christmas is no Corona so I can see my friends.

Have a happy Christmas!

Bye for now, see you soon!!

(no name given)

Dear Santa,

How is the North Pole? I hope the elves are staying busy making toys for kids. How are the reindeer? This Christmas I hope for everyone to spread joy around to people and for everyone to share good memories. I enjoy Christmas a lot. It’s my favorite holiday season. One of my favorite traditions is opening my new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. 

Love, Brynn 10 years old

Dear Santa, 

I love my elf named Buddy and I love Christmas. It is the best time of the year. How are the reindeer doing? Is Rudolph ready to lead your sleigh? I hope you go around the world safely. I hope you have a really Merry Christmas. You are the best.

Love, Colle 7 1/2 years old

Hi my name is Ember Liverett.I am nine years old.

What I want from santa for christmas is a charm bracelet.

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! how do you fly around the world in one night I wrote this letter not to tell you what I want! I want to tell you what my famly wants! Mom cowboy cup. Dad! hamer. Aonni! swetter. Pops! DP. hamster food. Dogs: Bones. And finly me for christmas, I want to have fun with famly!

Love Riley!!!

P.S. I Dont care what I get for christmas Thank you!

Dear Santa

you are so nise to kids. you are amazeng. you giv toys to kides.

Love Abbigale XOXOXO

Dear Santa,

How are things going at the North Pole? Must be very busy getting ready for Christmas Eve.

I’m probably asking for 1 or 2 games, a few plushies, but this one is a huge wish. I don’t think you can bring people back to life, but I was wondering if you have a way to help me talk to my grandpa Chaisson please. I never got to meet him. No pressure. And I will list the other things I mentioned in the letter.

• Umbreon plushie

• Jolteon plushie

• Amy Rose plushie

• Minnchino plushie

• Alolan Vulpix plushie

• Jet the Hawk plushie

• Lemmy Kooogling

• Larry Koopallino

• Luang Koopallino

• Sally Acorn plushie

• Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Ultramoon

I don’t know what kind of cookies to leave out for you on Christmas Eve. Do you want me to surprise you? Can you please say hi to the elves, Mrs. Clause, and the reindeer for me please? We’re moving into another house for a year. I wanted to let you know.

From Trinity

Dear Santa Clause,

I wish for a nerf much ihe gun and heth in our worled

(No name given)

Dear Santa,

Can I hav a $100 Amazon gift card plese and a XBOX1 plese and a controler for the XBOX1 Plese. and insted of the amazon gift card that wold be cool but insted can I have a $20 robrox gift card plese and thank you. and last can I plese have a CDot roblox for the XBOX1 so I have a game to start out with thank you.

(Is cindy on the noghty list) (Plese right me back about all of these gifts)

Thank you, Santa!!!!

I mesed up can I plese have a Xbox 360. thank you Santa!!!!!

Noah Allen, age: 9