Colorado submits COVID-19 vaccine plan to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Colorado Department of
Public Health and Environment

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has submitted its COVID-19 Vaccination Plan to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for review and feedback. 

Colorado, along with other states and jurisdictions, was required to submit its plan by Oct. 16. This initial plan will evolve as more information about the vaccine becomes available and work with stakeholders continues.

“Vaccine deployment extends far beyond public health,” said Jill Hunsaker Ryan, executive director, CDPHE. “The department, with support from the Colorado Department of Public Safety, convened a multiagency, multi-sector team to focus on receiving and distributing a COVID-19 vaccine. We want to recognize the many agencies and organizations that informed our planning and thank them for their partnership and guidance. We look forward to working with more stakeholders so we can continue improving the plan.”

The plan includes information on how Colorado will implement a phased approach to distributing an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine. Because the initial supply of vaccine is expected to be very limited, it will be distributed first to people most at risk for COVID-19, such as health care workers, first responders, and staff/residents of long-term care facilities and nursing homes. 

The state will continue to provide information about how it is making decisions on how to prioritize distribution before a vaccine becomes widely available.

The CDPHE received an additional $3.1 million in funding from the CDC specifically to help with COVID-19 vaccine planning and implementation. The state will use some funds, but allocate most funds to local public health agencies and the two tribal nations in Colorado. 

The CDPHE is committed to distributing a safe and effective vaccine and to working closely with local public health agencies, health care providers and other partners to distribute the vaccine as equitably and efficiently as possible. 

Read Colorado’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan as submitted to the CDC at