San Juan Stargazers’ members-only star party set for Friday


By Joan Mieritz
San Juan Stargazers

The San Juan Stargazers will hold a members-only star party on Friday, Oct. 9. We will start around 6 p.m., while it is still light, so people having telescope problems can get help from more experienced telescope operators. 

There will be birthday cake in honor of our youngest members, twins turning 9 years old. Others can arrive any time before dark. Club members have received a “blast” telling them the location since it will not be at Chimney Rock. If you did not receive the blast with the location, call Joan. 

The reason we are publishing this information for everyone is that you can still join the San Juan Stargazers and come to this event. In spite of our national health crisis, we already have eight new club members this year. It appears that it is a viable way to deal with problems on Earth by taking a break and looking at the rest of the universe. It can be amazingly uplifting and the Pagosa night sky is exceptional. You might just as well learn what is up there.

In addition to joining our local club, you will also receive Reflector Magazine, the publication of the National Astronomical League, of which you automatically become a member. To join both groups and get one of the best magazines, call (303) 995-2888. Annual membership is only $25/family. When you call to join, you will be told the location of the star party. So many club members have missed our regular viewing of the night sky at a star party. We normally have nine star parties each summer at Chimney Rock. For this star party, serious precautions will be taken, with temperatures being checked, mask-wearing and very liberal hand sanitizing and, of course, we will all be outdoors. It is a night to look forward to with all necessary precautions, but still great fun. 

We are taking orders for the fabulous Astronomy Magazine Deep Space Mysteries 2021 Calendar, which is a fundraiser for our scholarship fund. We expect the calendars will be here in time for the star party. In addition to the amazing photos, every day there is a notation of significant sky events and phases of the moon. Plus, each picture has a detailed explanation to help you painlessly learn the basics of astronomy. 

It is like a college introductory class without exams and it is a great gift for any student, young or old. The calendars are a perfect gift to mail since they are unbreakable and they give the message every day throughout the year that you cared enough to send such an educational and exciting gift. You can call our club number, 335-8286, to place your order. They are $15, payable when you receive them. Individual arrangements will be made for you to safely get your calendar. 

The San Juan Stargazers are part of the Astronomical League, which includes clubs from all over the U.S. We have a stunning website,, as well as an email address,, and a club phone number, 335-8286. 

We encourage you to become a member to learn more about our amazing universe.