Tickets available now for Dancing with the Pagosa Stars

Photo courtesy Jeff Laydon

By Lilli Peters
Seeds of Learning

There are only two weeks left until Seeds of Learning hosts the third annual Dancing with the Pagosa Stars on Saturday, Sept. 26, at 7 p.m., and we can’t wait. This event will be delivered virtually to ensure our wonderful supporters can participate and contribute while remaining safe and healthy at home. 

Picture this — on Sept. 26, after a beautiful day of Pagosa fun, you gather with your family or close friends you’ve been spending time with during the pandemic, sit back in your comfortable chair in front of your TV screen and tune in to watch an entertaining night of jokes, dancing and competition by your very own Pagosa folks. Our emcees, Lisa Peters and Martin Rose, have some hilarious quips and our stars and coaches have some theatrical dance routines to hold your attention. Where else can you see a local business owner that waited on you that afternoon put on a fancy dance costume and entertain you that night?

All you have to do is purchase a virtual ticket for $55 by going to or you can go to the Seeds website at No tickets will be available at Seeds of Learning. Ticket purchasers will receive an Internet link to access the show the week prior to the event and contact information for technical assistance, should you need it. 

The cost of the ticket will be used to help support the over 85 percent of Seeds families whose income does not allow them to pay full tuition for their children to attend. At Seeds of Learning, we teach 2 1/2- to 5-year-olds social, emotional and educational skills through a creative play curriculum. 

Did you know that research shows that 85 percent to 90 percent of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 5? So, catching children early in life is critical to their life-long development towards becoming productive citizens. The staff at Seeds of Learning works hard to ensure all students receive the best education possible. This includes maintaining their status as one of only 10 percent of preschools in the United States to be nationally accredited. 

Not only do kids graduate from Seeds prepared for kindergarten, but they also have better social and behavioral skills. 

Kathy Faber, a kindergarten teacher at Pagosa Springs Elementary School, said, “As kindergarten teachers, we are always so excited for our new group of students that come to us from Seeds of Learning. The dedication and care they have received from their preschool teachers is evident and sets them on the path of success at the ‘big’ school, as they call it. They come to us confident and ready to learn.”

If you are not available to watch the show, you can also vote for your favorite star to reward them for their hard work and at the same time contribute to a child’s education. Each vote is $1 and you can vote with as many dollars as you want. To vote, go to

In the creative community the term “break a leg” is used as encouragement and best wishes for success. To our amazing stars and their talented coaches, we pass along that sentiment, but, even more, we pass along a heartfelt thank you. And to this wonderful Pagosa community, we are eternally grateful for your continued support during this difficult year. If you are interested in supporting this amazing event, then vote today and purchase a virtual ticket to watch a fun night.