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Southwest Colorado Wildfire Coalition offers fire information

By Mary Jo Coulehan
Pagosa Springs Area
Chamber of Commerce

In partnership with a number of agencies, counties and organizations, the Southwest Colorado Wildfire Coalition has an excellent blogspot page with information about current conditions, fire restrictions, closures and much more. 

Residents or visitors planning on recreating either on their property, in open spaces, campgrounds or parks should check out the conditions and restrictions before heading out. Visit https://swcwfc.blogspot.com for the latest information. This site has a lot of communication all in one place. There are also posters around town where you can scan a QR code onto your phone so that you can have that information when you are mobile. 

Currently, Archuleta County is in a Stage 1 fire restriction. This means restrictions like no smoking unless in an enclosed vehicle or building; no campfires unless in a permanently constructed fire ring in a developed recreation site; no coal- or wood-burning stove, fire or campfire stove anywhere on public lands, including campgrounds. Petroleum-fueled stoves, lanterns and heating devices are permissible. Know before you go. Not only are humans a danger, but lightning strikes are prevalent now as well. Be careful and alert during this dry season. 

Business posters

The Town of Pagosa Springs, Visitor Center and Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce are also handing out posters to businesses to display the message of “Be Our Community Partner.” 

From the Business Survey, our businesses clearly wanted our community to communicate one voice, one message of “Be Safe.” This poster states our commitment to being safe as a community and asks our visitors and residents to partner with us in being patient, flexible and adaptive to change, to please follow the guidelines set for the by the business, to practice leave-no-trace etiquette and to continue to practice social distancing. 

We want to keep Pagosa Springs the healthiest and cleanest place to visit or call home. If you have not received a poster, contact or visit the Chamber of Commerce to get one to post in your business establishment or short-term rental property. 

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