April 8 COVID-19 Colorado case summary


    Data is updated daily by about 4 p.m. and includes cases reported through the previous day. This reporting gap gives our epidemiologists time to review the data and improve the accuracy. Due to this delay, our numbers may be different than what is being reported by local public health departments. As cases continue to be investigated the data in this report is subject to change.

    Colorado Case Summary (Updated 4/8/20 at 4:00 p.m.)
    Note: This summary only includes data through 4/7 and does not reflect cases since then.

    5,655 cases*
    1,162 hospitalized
    54 counties
    29,199 people tested**
    193 deaths
    44 outbreaks at residential and non-hospital health care facilities

    *The number of cases includes people who have had a test that indicated they were positive for COVID-19. The number of cases also includes epidemiologically-linked cases — or cases where public health epidemiologists have determined that infection is highly likely because a person exhibited symptoms and had close contact with someone who tested positive. The number of epidemiologically-linked cases represents a very small portion of the reported cases.

    **The total number of people tested may not include all negative results. 

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