Entry deadline for Ice Melt Contest March 15


By JoAnn Laird
Special to The PREVIEW
The Ides of March are upon us. Looking back at the history of the Roman Empire, March 15, 44 BC, is known for the day Brutus and other senators killed the Roman dictator Julius Caesar.
March 15, 2020, is known as the day the Pagosa Springs Rotary Club’s second annual Ice Melt Contest meets its end.
With great anticipation, the Pagosa Springs Rotary, in conjunction with the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association, is waiting for the ice to thaw enough that a huge barrel will drop into Lake Hatcher and stop an attached clock. The lucky person guessing the closest day, hour, minute and second of when the clock stops will win a cool $1,000. Second place will garner $750 and third place will get $500.
To be counted, entries must be turned in to Rotary no later than midnight, March 15, or earlier if the thawing happens before March 15. Tickets for your guesses are $5 each, $20 for five and $100 for 30. Get your tickets soon, as the Pagosa weather is as unpredictable as Caesar’s friends.
Forms are available through links at www.pagosaspringsrotary.org and www.plpoa.com, the PLPOA Administration Office, PLPOA Rec Center, The Choke Cherry Tree, Chamber of Commerce, and Ski and Bow Rack.
As in most fundraisers that Rotary presents, all proceeds will go to the Pagosa Springs Rotary Scholarship Fund.
So, friends, Romans and Pagosans, “take a stab” at guessing when the clock will meet its end. This Ides of March will surely be better for you than it was for Caesar.