DUST2 mountain bike team races in Snowmass

Photo courtesy Lance Thornton
DUST2 mountain bike team members Sawyer Blakemore, Arden Blakemore, Davis Parker, Eliah Gerdes and Brae Bergdolt.

By Lance Thornton
Special to The SUN
Switchbacks up and switchbacks down is the story behind the third race of the season. The DUST2 mountain bike team was in Snowmass, Colo., last weekend on a race course cut into the side of the ski slope.
The course started with a 3-mile climb with over 700 feet of elevation gain. Once at the top, the descent was 2 miles to the bottom to complete one lap.
In the first race of the day, 160 freshman boys took off. Carter Kasson, Tucker Mashue and Ethan Bergdolt crushed two laps of this hard course. Kasson had his best finish of the season so far, finishing 37th. Bergdolt, after competing with a cold all week, finished 50th and Mashue placed 111th, stating that “the downhill was awesome but the uphill was crushing.”
The varsity boys took off in the second race. Brae Bergdolt had his best finish of this season, finishing 24th.
He competed for four laps and stated, “Snowmass is definitely the hardest race of the season. Lots of uphill, requiring you to dig deep.”
The final race of the day was sophomore boys, where Sawyer Blakemore also had his best finish of the season, finishing in 14th. Davis Parker came in 33rd after getting stuck behind some slower riders going up the switchbacks.
Parker stated that, “You have to be in the right state of mind for this race, because you don’t really get a chance to have a break.”
Eliah Gerdes finished the day in 105th after struggling with a flat tire.
All of the racers showed a great amount of grit and determination this week ,with several of the riders turning in their best races of the season. It seems that all the training and hours of practice is paying off. This is good with the state championships only two races away, but next up is the Haymaker Classic in Eagle, Colo.