Chrissy Karas next Luminosity Talks speaker


By Veronica Johnson
Special to The PREVIEW
A brave new world of awakening and transformation is on our doorstep. What does this mean for us? How does this affect us on our earthly sojourn? Being forewarned is being forearmed. By knowing what is going on in the cosmos, we have the opportunity to choose how we see a situation within the shadows or the light.
Chrissy Karas, a well-known local Pagosa astrologer, will share what she is seeing with the upcoming planetary events that will have an impact on most of us and our daily lives.
Karas will share her astrological knowledge and foresight with Luminosity Talks attendants on Friday, May 31, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the New Thought Center for Inspirational Living located in the Momentum 24/7 building downtown. Bring your travel mug; come early for socializing, hot tea and a light snack.
“There will be several mind blowing celestial events that will lead up to the years 2020 through 2030. These events are the culmination of several planets dancing with each other in the sky around the same time frame. Some of these planetary interactions haven’t happened in centuries. We are taking a quantum leap and most of us feel these changes which are upon us. The old structures have been falling away. The earth is shifting and so are we. We will explore some of the old Roman and Greek planetary archetypes to see what these powerful gods and goddesses were up to and how it applies to us today,” shared Karas.
For all those who are interested, bring your correct birth information — name, date, time and place — on a piece of paper. Karas will offer a quick assessment of impacts that may directly affect you.
Astrology has been in Karas’ life since she was in high school. Her first astrologer predicted the loss of her first husband and also picked the day she married her current husband, Nick, of 46 years. Her first formal class was in 1993. She studies with Kepler College, Astrology University and has traveled to study with astrologers from around the world.
Luminosity Talks is a not-for-profit group that presents innovative speakers and films to educate, inspire and inform. All are invited to this free event and your donations help to keep this valuable organization viable.