Veterans Memorial Park launches new look and fundraising campaign


    By Jim Van Liere
    Special to The SUN
    To all residents of Archuleta County and the Town of Pagosa Springs, the time has come for the Veterans Memorial Park of Archuleta County (VMPAC) to raise $60,000 to continue the construction of the park this summer.
    Last summer, construction of the park started in earnest by building the first half of the parking area and a concrete pad for a handicapped picnic shelter.
    To continue the construction in an orderly manner, the VMPAC board would like to complete the parking area and site preparation for the construction of the trails, the memorial area, the facilities building, the picnic pavilion and the play area. It is essential that the site preparation be completed so the layout for the items mentioned can be finalized and the underground infrastructure be installed.
    The VMPAC board estimates that if every business in the county and town donated one-tenth of 1 percent of its gross income, enough money could be raised to complete this summer’s construction. For example, a business grossing $500,000 would amount to only a $500 donation. As always, the board is continuing to develop other sources of income, such as memorial brick sales, the annual golf tournament and applying for grants.
    It is important to remember that once the park is completed, or even partially completed, visitation will be increased, which in turn, will increase the economy of the area.
    By completing the parking area and, as funds permit, some trails could be constructed and more parking would become available for next fall, which would open the area for hiking, walking and cross-country skiing.
    The VMPAC is proud to reveal its new website. Visit us at to stay informed of our progress, current events, fundraising and volunteer opportunities. So, as a strong community commitment, let’s keep this park going by sending a donation through our website or via mail to Veterans Memorial Park, P.O. Box 2642, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.