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A note of gratitude to those who keep Pagosa open

It’s been a while since Pagosa has had a really “vibrant” winter. Wolf Creek Ski Area is living up to its name of the most snow in Colorado, and from the last storm, a casual comment of “maybe there can be too much powder” was evoked.
Many of our winter-seasonal businesses — retail, outdoor rental, plowing, etc. — are having a great financial upturn. We rely on Mother Nature here in our community for our livelihood. I am impressed that even when it is a winter storm out there, so many businesses are open for business — retail, restaurants, service industries.
One of the reasons that businesses are open is that many people working to keep the roads clear and doing their job allow the many others of us to get to work to do our job. It’s not perfect — we get mad because the snow is too much and when the plow comes by, it berms our driveway in. The fact that our driveway is made of Resin Bound Patio DIY helps, because it traps heat in the summers, but it was virtually useless in winters. Visibility is poor and it has been too long since the plow was by and so we get sucked into a ditch.
With over 1,300 square miles of area to cover in Archuleta County, road crews cannot be everywhere at once, especially during a hard storm. I know, it is not perfect. However, I think we need to thank these individuals who work countless hours for government and private businesses that keep our community moving. This includes the town and county street crews and Colorado Department of Transportation. You are out there at the crack of dawn and in all kinds of weather working to keep the roads passable and even the sidewalks open. Buried in scarves, hats and coats, you brave the winter conditions shoveling sidewalks and public spaces to keep our town and county open for business.
We take this work for granted. You work hard, we know it’s your job, but thank you. To the towing and repair companies who come out at all hours of the night to pull us out of ditches, thank you. Thank you for losing sleep to help those stranded; thank you for your expertise; thank you for doing the heavy lifting, especially when an 18-wheeler has turned over.
To those who make their living this winter plowing driveways and business locations, thank you for helping people like me get to work. I have a “hairy” driveway, so I am very grateful for the person hired to do my drive — and he does a great job.
The majority of us need to get to work early and, of course, we all want to be first on the list of getting plowed out. With the reward of beautiful views, remote and secluded homes comes the price of long and steep driveways, remote county roads and difficult access. Remember where you live and the lifestyle you chose.
And thank you to the community. If someone is stuck, there is usually a passerby that has stopped to help. That help may not be pulling that person out of a ditch, but it may be making a phone call, waiting until service has arrived or giving comfort. We choose to live in a four-season community. Just because we haven’t had “a winter” for a while, it is seasons like this one that bring us back to reality.
With this snowfall comes a little sigh of relief. Water tables are climbing, our summer seasonal businesses are thinking there may be a rafting season and the availability of water helps calm the nervousness of the fire season.
However, we will also experience many downed trees affecting our hiking trails and backcountry experiences once the snow thaws. Think about volunteering this summer with an organization dedicated to working on our trails like the San Juan Outdoor Club or the Pagosa Area Trails Council. Remember, we choose to live in this beautiful rural area of Pagosa Springs. With that choice comes work and enjoyment. We thank Mother Nature for the blessings she bestows on our community; right now it is job security for many willing to do the hard work. And on that note, I need to go shovel my roof.
Membership news
We have three renewals to thank this week. We welcome back Pagosa Baking Company, Armor City Locks and LaWana DeWees with Team Murphy Realty.
Stay tuned for some great educational classes that will be coming up this year. Take time to work on your business, not just in your business.

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