Tuesday hand-drumming classes continue


By Paul Roberts
Special to The PREVIEW
Join musician and music therapist Paul Roberts for a free hand-drumming class at the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association Clubhouse on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at noon.
A mix of full-time and part-time residents and a constant stream of visitors to our community has a revitalizing effect on group music-making in the hand-drumming class. Several participants have been inspired to set up kindred groups in other parts of the country.
Recently, we had a surprise visit from Melissa Schaefer, a highly gifted musician. Schaefer, who is currently living in Columbia and is conducting an in-depth study of traditional Latin American folk music, graced the class with her mellifluous singing and spirited drumming.
“For me, the class was a welcoming space in which to explore creative expression through rhythm,” said Schaefer. “Rather than being a class full of instruction, it is based on a exploratory method of learning in which one learns about drumming through listening and doing.”
She added, “The freestyle group drumming has a meditative quality that allows participants to connect with their innate sense of rhythm and creativity, through listening and responding to the evolving group rhythm.”
Schaefer continued, “Even for participants with little or no drumming or musical experience, the class provides a judgement-free space in which to develop a new creative skill. The incorporation of other musical instruments, including the voice, broadens the scope of the class and really makes it about opening one’s musical expression rather than simply learning to drum.”
You never know who you’ll meet at the hand-drumming class, a family-friendly activity which is open to all ages. Drums are provided for those who do not have one.
For more information, call 731-3117. The Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse is located at 230 Port Ave.