Jennifer Faubion


May 17, 1970-July 23
Jennifer had a smile as big as the blue skies in Colorado!
You can call me “Jen” or “Jennifer,” but if you want to call me “Jenny,” make sure you call me “Jenny Kush.”
Jennifer lived her life on her own terms. She was kind and generous, as well as strong and silly. Her friends and family adored her. She had an adventurous “can do” spirit and excelled at many professions, including bar tending, graphic art production and the insurance industry. She wanted to do more, and that she did!
In 2014, Jennifer became a licensed massage therapist. With her healing touch and a new profession under her belt, she decided that she wanted to be closer to nature, and she did just that. On Aug. 28, 2015, she left her comforts and her family and friends in Texas and headed for the mountains. She packed up her wife and her life and set out on a new adventure. She settled in Pagosa Springs, Colo.
She loved the San Juan mountains and taking her 4X4 on outings, hiking and snowshoeing. She loved capturing images of bear, deer, foxes, raccoons and the neighbor’s dog on her wildlife camera. She was always excited to share her finds — her excitement was contagious.
Chances are if you knew Jen, you know she loved music! She had a strong attachment to disco, mirrored balls and tiny lights. She was from the mindset to “pay it forward” as she helped so many and was a strong defender of those who could not defend themselves.
Jennifer was not only a loyal friend that would do anything for you, but she had a huge heart for fur babies and birdie birds. She was stealth in locating eagles and osprey. She loved to sit on her patio with her binoculars or a telescope and hunt down her feathered friends.
She enthusiastically enjoyed the fruits of her labor in her newfound cannabis cultivation. Her attention to detail was amazing; she was always cool under pressure. She dreamed of a life full of love and laughter.
Jennifer spent the end of her life with grace and humor. All the nurses and caretakers at the hospital admired and loved her little sparkle of humor and light. We will miss our sparkle.
Author Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Jennifer made us feel special and that we had value. She is greatly missed.
Love you, Jennifer!
Jennifer is survived by her wife, Kristy Osborne, of Pagosa Springs; her mother, Debra James, of Ajjic, Mexico; her father, Gary Lon Faubion, and stepmother Gracie Faubion, of South Padre, Texas; and her sister, Jessica LeBlanc, and brother-in-law, Chuck Johnson, of Plano, Texas.