Pagosa Youth Soccer Rangers seeks volunteers


By Dorman Diller
Special to The SUN
Pagosa Youth Soccer (PYS) is excited to announce that in April they received word of approval as a 501(c)3. As a nonprofit club, they will continue their dedication to providing a fun, quality soccer experience for young people in Pagosa Springs. The club works to keep fees down and give any child wanting to experience soccer at a higher level on a traveling team the opportunity to participate. Their goal is to work with all soccer players regardless of their skill level.
The PYS club has been growing for several years. The Rangers’ name and colors were selected from a contest with players submitting their suggestions.
Players are developing skills as evidenced by recent league and tournament successes. As players develop, they will be much more skilled when they enter high school.
We currently have coed teams. Development of all-girls traveling teams with enough participation is getting closer. There are many all-girls teams playing in our area at different age levels.
PYS is organized according to their bylaws with a nine-member elected board. The board is comprised of soccer parents and community members interested in seeing the soccer community grow. Board members serve a two-year term.
PYS is always in need of more volunteers. There are training programs online and in person to become a certified referee. We have a program to train and continue coach development. In order to help keep our fees lower, tax-deductible contributions may be made to PYS.
As we approach our fall season, registration is ongoing at this time. More information may be found in our ad or by going online at You may also email questions to or call Stephanie at 769-2163.