BootJack fire extinguished, additional power lines down, red flag warning in effect


By Undersheriff Tonya M. Hamilton

At approximately 10:40 this morning, a tree fell onto some power lines near Bootjack Ranch and started a small grass fire. By 11:14, Archuleta County Emergency Operations, the Pagosa Fire Protection District (PFPD)and La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) had the fire controlled and the power line shut down. There was also a privately owned tender on scene helping distinguish the fire.

At approximately 11:17 a.m., a second page went out for a tree that knocked down another power line on County Road 326. The reporting party stated that he initially saw smoke, but could no longer see it at the time of making the 911 call. PFPD re-routed and sent more crews to that location and prior to arriving were notified that there was no fire at that time. The reporting party was unable to leave the residence because the tree fell across the driveway.

Be careful out there today in Pagosa Country. When the wind is blowing like this, we tend to see many downed trees and power lines, roofing material being ripped off structures, and other dangerous incidents. If you know of a tree that’s close to power lines that appears to be rotted, leaning or old, LPEA can look at it to assess the danger and they can cut it down if need be.

When calls such as this come in, please stay at home and keep your phone and other electronic devices with you for updates. Also be aware that if we are dealing with power lines down, chances are very good that traffic will be stopped and/or diverted for safety reasons.

At this time (11:27 a.m.), all fires have been extinguished and LPEA is attempting to get the downed power lines deactivated. Those living nearby may experience power outages for a period of time.