Seeing clearly is clearly important: Check your vision April 28 at 9Health Fair


By Constance d’Angelis
Special to The PREVIEW
Having competent and consistent vision examinations is really important.
Come to Pagosa Springs High School on April 28 for free vision screenings. 9Health Fairs realizes how important seeing clearly is to all of us. The doors open at 7 a.m. and many tests and screenings are available until 11 a.m.
When my father started losing his vision, I became very concerned and interested. He had developed “floaters,” apparently due to an exposure to tuberculosis when he was a child. He might have been able to save his eyesight, but that was not how it turned out. He went blind.
After sustaining a concussion a couple years ago (traumatic brain injury, or TBI), my eyesight started changing. It continues to change and it is important to pay very close attention. As an author and writer, this difficulty is not something to be trifled with. And, I get optical migraines. They don’t hurt, but lightning-bolt-like flashes stretch across my vision and I can’t see anything else. If I completely relax, which is not always easy, they usually go away within five to 10 minutes or so. I’m so glad I took up mindful meditation years ago. It really helps in the relaxation.
Cataracts are a problem in highly sunny areas and can be identified before becoming a safety issue. Even though Florida is called the “sunshine state,” Colorado has more sunshine. Our residents have a high incidence of cataracts. I have personal experience because I came from Florida. Experience our highly trained and committed professionals at the 9Health Fair.
9Health Fairs offer assessments, testings and education. Its lifesaving blood tests are a great way to ward off potential problems.
Come to the high school on April 28 from 7 to 11 a.m. Get a whole battery of tests for a minimal cost of $35, a free blood pressure check, other screenings and education.
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