Hand-drumming class picks up steam, next class Tuesday

    Photo courtesy Paul Roberts
    Hand-drumming class participants pose for a photo. The class works to engage the brain through exploring playing techniques, indigenous songs, body percussion, improvisation and composition. It is open to all ages.27

    By Paul Roberts
    Special to The PREVIEW
    Join musician and music therapist Paul Roberts for a free hand-drumming class at the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse on Tuesday, Nov. 21, at noon.
    The class offers a welcoming environment that encourages fun, creativity, playfulness and connecting with others. Hand drums are provided for those who don’t have one. Even participants who have no experience playing a musical instrument can immediately get into the groove.
    Body percussion is a delightful adjunct to hand drumming. Body percussion is the art of using the human body to sound rhythmic patterns by combining patting, snapping, clapping and stomping to create percussive sounds. A great way to internalize rhythms, body percussion is also a resource for cognitive stimulation for improving concentration, memory and physical coordination; and for releasing stress, team building and boosting the immune system.
    The hand drumming class is going like a dream, with participants joyfully engaged in a full-brain workout, exploring playing techniques, indigenous songs, body percussion, improvisation and composition.
    Class participants share their enthusiasm:
    “After reading an article in The SUN about a month ago, I envisioned that I would go to a class so I could think, ‘Hey, I went to a drumming class in Pagosa.’ Three weeks later I’m still going and learning. My son is a musician. I am not. This has been a good experience for me to follow his passion for music and rhythm and camaraderie. Paul is not only a great and patient instructor, he also has some pretty fantastic stories about his experiences in the music world.” — Margaret McClintock.
    “I love music but I never thought about playing drums. My friend invited me to this wonderful class. Everybody was very nice, especially Mr. Paul Roberts, who gave me a drum and explained how it works. After that, I was wild on the drum. Hearing the sound of all the drums felt like I was talking and laughing with the whole group. I like the way Mr. Roberts teaches. At first, we follow him and then we improvise. I’m learning and having fun, and I like that. I can feel in my body all the happiness coming into a sound from the drum. Sometimes, I even stop because I get scared I might break the drum. This is an amazing feeling and experience.” — Marycruz Chavez.
    “Drumming helps you find the rhythm of your soul.” — Kelly.
    “The drumming class with Paul is a little intense because the hands and brain have to focus and work together. Stay in the moment! Then you let go! Great experience with a meditative effect.” — Brenda.
    “Drumming helps reframe your perspective in a positive way. It benefits you by re-aligning your body, mind, and spirit.” — Jenene.
    “Paul is a great teacher, effective and kind. From the first time I saw him perform, when I was a child in elementary school in California, he has brought magic into my life through music. His ability to teach and make music accessible is a true gift. It is as important to me, today, as it was for me when I was in third grade. I am blessed to be able to have this opportunity to share the same experience with my child.” — Christa Laos.
    For more information about the hand-drumming class, email banjocrazy@centurytel.net or call 731-3117. The Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse is located at 230 Port Ave.