County seeking input on OHV use on county roads


    At 6 p.m. on Nov. 14, Archuleta County will host a meeting to garner public input on the use of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) on county roads, and which county roads.
    The meeting will be held in the commissioners’ meeting room at 398 Lewis St.
    The input will help inform a county ordinance on the requirements for OHVs on Archuleta County roads, County Attorney Todd Starr said.
    On April 12, 2016, a bill was signed into law in Colorado clarifying that “local authorities may require drivers of off-highway vehicles to have driver’s licenses and insurance. The local authority must act by resolution or ordinance, publish a map of all roads available for use by off-highway vehicles, and place appropriate signs giving notice of the regulation.”
    The topic was previously brought forward to the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) by the Pagosa Trail Riders and other local residents and businesses, with Starr directing them to bring forward a specific proposal.
    The groups then identified county roads throughout the county and primarily included roads that connect with Forest Service roads.
    Starr said the group has already met with homeowners associations including the Loma Linda and Aspen Springs metropolitan districts concerning roads within those subdivisions.
    At the meeting, Starr said public input will be taken regarding all facets that will be included in an ordinance, similarly to how the county took public input before drafting marijuana legislation.
    That, he said, resulted in a good ordinance.
    “Any ideas or concerns will be considered and appreciated,” he said.
    Following the public meeting, Starr will draft an ordinance, which will then be presented to the BoCC at two different public hearings.