St. Patrick’s will hold annual clothing giveaway Oct. 21


    By Lynne McCrudden
    Special to The PREVIEW
    Free, gently used clothes will be overflowing at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church on Saturday, Oct. 21, from 8 a.m. to noon in the church parish building. Each guest will be given a large sturdy trash sack as they enter so that they may take whatever they need.
    The selection is enormous from babies to adults, from boots for kids to dress shoes for men and women, and also a good selection of household linens. It is hard to go home empty-handed.
    The church members have been collecting clothes since the beginning of the summer, checking for wear and sizing to make sure that what is offered is something someone else would be interested in wearing.
    The winter months can be brutal here, so the large selection of winter clothes is offered to help ward off the chill.
    “I remember a year ago, I met this wonderful mom of six children and they were all living in a tent, not sure if they could find affordable housing before the winter set in. I thought to myself, we can’t provide the housing, but we could make sure that each child had a coat, hat and layers of clothes to keep them warm,” said Fr. Doug Neel.
    This is just a small part of the congregation of St. Patrick’s outreach to the community.
    The parish hall will be divided by sizing for ease of shopping and there will be many church members there to help you find your size. If you know someone who can’t get out, but needs some winter clothing, please also consider shopping at St. Patrick’s this Saturday. Bring the family and find some winter clothes to keep you and them warm.