Earth Community speaker to discuss hope for the future


    By Joan Mieritz
    Special to The PREVIEW
    The Earth Community Pagosa Springs is so happy to have Dr. Fran Korten returning to Pagosa Springs to visit her sister and be willing to speak to us at the Ruby Sisson Library on Monday, Sept. 11.
    She will be speaking at 9:45 a.m., with coffee, tea and a potluck breakfast starting shortly after 9 a.m. when the library opens. Don’t feel you must bring something to attend. We will be providing treats, but would be pleased if a few others could, without much work, add to what we have.
    Korten is the editor of Yes Magazine and the wife and working partner of Dr. David C. Korten, who wrote “When Corporations Rule the World” and “Change the Story, Change the Future.”
    Having lived and worked around the world, they have an exceptional and unique perspective on the world situation and the way human structures on our planet will progress. I am certain that she will be bringing to us the latest and best information on what is going on and how we can best contribute our efforts.
    Some people have asked why the Earth Community Pagosa Springs is not more active. Actually, members are actively doing many important things in our community. David Korten wrote about the Empire Model, which the world has had for the past thousands of years and the new Earth Community Model, which still is “in vitro.”
    The Earth Community Model is outside politics and right now we are in the middle of a political crisis around the world. Within the Empire Model, we have long passed through the time of kings and governments and are now deep into the phase where corporations, banks and money are ruling our planet, but it is unsustainable to have a few getting richer and the rest paying for it. People will not allow it to continue.
    The wild card is in the timing, which no one can predict. The Empire Model is not over and its death throes will be horrendous. We must do what we can to aid the process. But, we can share the hope and perspective that someday the Earth Community Model will be the way life is and we have an early view of what that can be and can aid in its early development.
    We will be having more gatherings to discuss the insights of Yes Magazine, which comes out each quarter. Fran Korten will be bringing some sample copies. We will also be having a book study on “Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for A Living Earth.”
    Get your copy, start reading and sign up on Monday. I hope to see you for this realistic, inspiring and fantastic talk which may “make your entire year.”