Free gardening talk: Permaculture — A new lens to gardening


By Leslie Wustrack
Special to The PREVIEW

Free and open to the public, the Pagosa Springs Community Gardeners present ​their ninth free gardening talk in the summer-long series.

On Tuesday, Aug. ​22​, at 4:30 p.m., ​John Wesley O’Rourke and Issac Manobia of South Fork ​will be ​discussing “The Permaculture Garden: Mimicking Nature to Live in Abundance.”​​

The presentation will be held at the River Pointe Coffee House, 445 San Juan St. on the riverwalk in downtown Pagosa Springs.

​Pagosa Farmers Market participants O’Rourke and Manobia​ will be discussing the ​“hot” topic in the gardening world, “permaculture​.”​ ​They will explain the ​design theory and explor​e ​how it applies to a home garden. They will present a comprehensive look at the ethics, principles and applications of permaculture and relate the information to their daily practices on their organic homestead farm. Attendees will leave with a basic understanding of permaculture, a greater inspiration for the natural environment and a new lens in which to view the world.

​Actually coined in the late ‘70s by Bill Mollison, an Australian professor and field biologist, ​and his graduate student, David Holmgren, permaculture combines two words: permanent and agriculture. Its base mea​​ning is an agricultural system that works with nature rather than against it. The b​asic ​approach is to create sustainable systems that provide for their own needs and recycle their waste.​ ​Mollison realized that by applying design to agriculture, humans can build systems that obey ecological principles​​ by ​placing the right elements together so they sustain and support each other. Based on scientific principles, its ethics are based on caring for the earth, caring for its people and a reinvestment to those ends. Mollison demonstrated that rather than “fight” with nature, we can use its resources to provide all our food and energy. It​ i​s ​deemed ​self-reliance at the core.​

​The Pagosa Springs Community Gardeners invite you to visit the prolific Pagosa Springs Community Garden at 5th Street on the San Juan River. Over 20 local gardeners have plots with different emphasis.

The popular summer-long series is an avenue for learning and sharing of knowledge and experience. ​Please join us for this interesting discussion which will be followed by a question and answer period. ​For more information, email or visit​