Free Gardening Talk:​ ‘Organically Developing Soil For A Raised Bed​​: ​Compost, Minerals, Microbes’


By ​Leslie Wustrack​
Special to The PREVIEW

The Pagosa Springs Community Gardeners present Ron Chacey, the region’s foremost organic gardener, discussing “​Organically Developing Soil for a Raised Bed: Compost, Minerals and Microbes”​ ​at 4:30 p.m. ​on Tuesday, Aug. ​8,​ in the River Pointe Coffee House ​meeting room ​in downtown Pagosa Springs.

Free and open to the public, the popular ​weekly​ series of gardening talks ​features​ local experts discussing topics of ​relevance to the​ difficult-to-garden Pagosa Springs gardening region.

Chacey​, a regional organic gardener for over 20 years, is commonly known as the go-to pundit. His gardens will once again be showcased on the ​upcoming ​Mountain High Garden Club Vegetable Tour.

Chacey​ ​espouses that​,​ with proper techniques​,​ most crops can be grown successively in the area. ​As ​most​ gardener​s​ will attest, improper soil can be the bane of crop production. Chacey​ will present the nuts and bolts of how to ​organically develop soil for a raised bed. He’ll discuss best practices of using the proper compost, minerals, and microbes to help bring crops to full production.​

​Chacey was one of the original founders of ​the Pagosa Springs Community ​Garden, which is located at the end of 5th Street on the San Juan River. Chacey and other ​volunteer gardeners turned a small patch of land into a prolific vegetable and flower garden. ​The almost decade-old gardening space holds​ historical value ​for​ residents and tourists alike. ​The garden was recently revitalized with ​generous ​​donations from​ Pagosa Springs businesses and ​the work of a ​group of dedicated volunteers, ​now known as ​the​ Pagosa Springs Community Gardeners, The group includes several CSU Master Gardeners.

Chacey’s presentation on Tuesday, Aug. 8, will begin promptly at 4:45​. ​p​.​m and will be followed by a question-and-answer period.

Free and open to the public, a full schedule of upcoming talks is available by emailing​m​ or by visiting​n​.

The next Free Gardening Talk in the summer-long schedule will be on Tuesday, Aug. ​15​. ​Kelle Bruno, formerly ​with​ Seeds of Change, will discuss​ ​the best practices and benefits of ​seed-saving.