Luminosity Talks to present speaker on cosmic paradigm


By Mark Kimmel
Special to The PREVIEW

Luminosity Talks is pleased to have Mark Kimmel back in Pagosa Springs for his “Cosmic Paradigm” presentation.

Join us on June 25 at 7 p.m. at the PLPOA Clubhouse, 230 Port Ave.

It is important to understand where we came from to know who we really are. We are not just human inhabitants of a small planet on the fringe of the Milky Way galaxy. We are part of a vast and complex universe of both the physical and nonphysical.

Furthermore, the history of Earth is quite different than is commonly understood. Humanity has been on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, slowly evolving until we have reached this moment of transformation. We have been influenced by external beings, both extraterrestrial and nonphysical, both those seeking to assist humanity’s upward evolvement and those seeking to control us for their own ends. We are on the brink of a radical transformation, resurrecting both humanity and this planet to a state of love and light, returning all to its prior status as the jewel of the universe.

Now we will learn that each of us is an important being, in a universe sense, that we are here at this moment for a very particular reason, and what we can do to fulfill the reason we came to Earth. Our physical bodies have been upgraded to accommodate our heightened consciousness. It is important to open ourselves to new ways of thinking and behaving. We are powerful enough to change the world in which we live, and the being on this planet, to a higher dimension.

Kimmel offers these insights, from interacting with both extraterrestrials and celestials, to give us a radically new way to express ourselves.

By focusing on both extraterrestrials and celestials in his writing and speaking, Kimmel weaves a credible picture of the larger reality while presenting an uplifting vision for the future of humanity and of our planet. Kimmel avoids the sensational and fear-riddled perspectives that plague many who deal with the ET phenomena, and the secrecy and misinformation surrounding it, while presenting insights about celestials without a religious orientation.

Kimmel left a successful business career, then founded and ran three respected Colorado venture capital funds. He then moved to pursue his passion for writing and teaching about the larger cosmic picture.

Kimmel has spoken at international forums, been a guest on radio and television shows, and has conducted workshops based on his unique insights into the transformation of Earth and her humans. Several of his books contain messages from non-human sources such as the Andromedans and celestials.

Luminosity Talks presents speakers and films that educate, inspire, inform and uplift in a progressive way. The focus is awakening wisdom and how it is lived. Looking at new ways of living that is in harmony with the planet and each other. The event is free and donations are appreciated.