Mountain Chile Cha Cha, Green Chile Classic set for Saturday


cover-chacha-39By Jacque Aragon
Special to The PREVIEW

Not many musicians can say they were “born into a band.” Such is the case for the members of Los Mitotitos, who grew up in a household where music reigned.

Marcus Rivas, band leader/lead singer/older brother, sampled the name Los Mitotes from his grandfather’s band. He tweaked it to apply to his brothers/band mates who became Los Mitotitos, meaning “little trash talkers,” because they always had a clever remark when it came to working around the house.

The bands members’ father, Tony Rivas, is also in a local band called Variety Express, and has been performing for over 35 years. When each of his kids were big enough to hold an instrument he placed one in their hands, and the rest is history. There was never a shortage of music or instruments in the Rivas home.

Los Mitotitos has been playing in southwest Colorado for the last five years, and more steadily in the last three. Multiple band members are still in school, and the family insists they prioritize their education. Even with their busy school schedules, Vicente Rivas, age 14, Isaac Rivas, age 16, and newly graduated Adam Soberanis, age 18, still find time to practice.

Along with Marcus Rivas, age 30, they play gigs locally as well as in Bayfield, Albuquerque, Denver and Ignacio. Recently, they opened up for Groupo Control, a Mexican music band that hails from Mexico and Texas.

While they are proficient in rock and jazz, their favorite music genres are Spanish and Mexican. Playing locally is rewarding, especially when their friends and family come out to dance and celebrate. Often, other family members will join them and expand the foursome to an eight-piece band.

“We love playing for the community. One of our favorite events is the Mountain Chile Cha Cha,” said Marcus with a grin. “The Patty Aragon Green Chile Classic Cook-Off really brings out the competitiveness in the locals, who have a longstanding tradition of being competitive about their chile prowess. Then after the chile they are ready to dance!”

Don’t miss Los Mitotitos at the eighth annual Patty Aragon Green Chile Classic, this year on Saturday, Oct. 1, with the day’s action beginning at 9 a.m.