‘Perfect Valor’ playing tonight at Liberty Theatre


By Stan Counsell
Special to The PREVIEW

The powerful documentary “Perfect Valor” plays tonight at the Liberty Theatre. The starting time is 7 p.m. and admission is free to all.

Parental discretion is advised due to vivid scenes of combat.

This film shows the American “can-do” spirit; the selfless pride of doing a job well-done against all odds. Although graphic, this 90-minute film takes into account that many Americans do not desire to be subject to the excessive exposure of lives lost or the wounded in combat. Therefore, some disturbing images are not shown.

In no way is the film meant to unsettle the viewers. Rather, it shows the powerful resolve of fighting Marines fulfilling their duties in the face of almost insurmountable odds.

One moment, the Marines are in America saying tearful goodbyes to their spouses, loved ones, families and friends. But, 20 hours later, they are thrown into the horrors of the Middle East, Fallujah to be exact. The immediate exchange of safety for peril is shown on their faces, but they won’t back down. They are Americans.

This documentary depicts true grit and selflessness; being faithful in the fulfillment of duties. Be they lacking the safety of shelter, being low on ammo, suffering the loss of comrades-in-arms and facing the enemies’ overwhelming firepower, they have a brave resolve — the American resolve.

“Perfect Valor” brings pride to American hearts. No rational mind ever wants war and its extensive ramifications. But, when it came to liberating Fallujah, these Marines were very well-trained and had the stick-to-itiveness to decipher their surroundings and accomplish their missions.

Follow the true accounts of a battalion surgeon, Catholic chaplain, several Marines and a nurse in harm’s way. Even heroes can bring the war home with them, daily life becoming a life-threatening struggle. Witness the faith and fear of their loved ones back home. It will bring added clarity to the overall picture of suffering and the undaunted fighting American spirit.

Viewers will come away with a desire to openly support our courageous Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard service members. Those in uniform don’t have 9-to-5 jobs with weekends, holidays, anniversaries and birthdays off. They are brave, resilient and dedicated even though budget cuts have made their service, at times, quite difficult. “Perfect Valor” depicts the heart and grit of these Americans that give so much for so little in return.

This evening, we all get a chance to see an honest documentary that isn’t political, right or left. It isn’t pro-war or pacifist. We will witness the valor of these men and women and their loved ones back home. Join us for an evening of bravery besting unbridled terror. See you tonight.