Ways to enjoy eggs on the go


By Michele Worthington
Special to The PREVIEW

Did you know all the ways you can easily take eggs on the go?

To celebrate National Picnic Month this July, Colorado Egg Producers Association (CEP) invites you to learn about all the ways you can add eggs to your summer menu when packing a picnic and preparing on-the-go foods. Whether you are planning a family vacation, sending the kids off to summer camp or enjoying a day by the pool, eggs are a delicious and nutritious addition to your day.

“One large egg contains six grams of high-quality protein, plus many essential vitamins and minerals, in only 70 calories,” said Brandy Gamoning, marketing manager for NestFresh and CEP member. “Eggs can fill your picnic basket with the nutritious fuel your body needs, including Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, choline and all nine essential amino acids. Plus, eggs are naturally gluten-free, have zero carbs and no sugar.”

By packing a picnic basket of delicious egg dishes, you can “fuel your fun” on the go all summer long.

Try picnic staples that are good for crowds like deviled eggs, egg salad, potato salad and even cornbread muffins. Pack main dishes, like egg-topped sandwiches, flatbreads and egg bakes, for a satisfying mid-day meal. You can also add a sweet treat to your picnic basket with homemade brownies or chocolate chip cookies.

As you pack your picnic basket, don’t forget to follow important food safety guidelines when it comes to on-the-go egg dishes.

All dishes that contain eggs should be packed in an insulated bag or cooler with ice or freezer packs. Leave the cooler in the shade and open it as infrequently as you can to help keep these foods at 40 degrees or cooler.

Hot egg dishes should be packed in thermal containers and kept at 140 degrees or higher. As always, remember to wash your hands before and after handling raw eggs, and only cook eggs with clean cooking utensils and on clean surfaces.

Here’s one delicious and nutritious on-the-go recipe to include in your picnic basket this month:

Egg white and turkey wrap

Serving size: 12 wraps

3 cups turkey sausage, sautéed

4 1/2 cups egg whites

12 slices provolone cheese

1 1/2 cups bruschetta tomato topping, prepared

6 cups spinach leaves, chopped

12 tomato wraps

In a large sauté pan, cook turkey sausage until fully cooked, breaking into small pieces as it cooks. Set aside and keep warm.

Cook egg whites in a spray-coated 8-inch nonstick sauté pan until firm and opaque throughout.

Add in turkey sausage crumbles and cook the mixture until no visible liquid egg is remaining.

Position wrap horizontally.

Cover center with 1/3 cup scrambled egg whites and turkey sausage crumbles, 2 tablespoons of prepared tomato bruschetta, one slice of provolone and 1/2 cup chopped spinach leaves.

Grill or fry wrap over medium heat just until cheese melts and the wrap is heated throughout.

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