Coincidence: A miracle in disguise


By Daris Howard
Special to The PREVIEW

Andrew lay in the hospital bed trying to remember what had happened. Gradually, it started to come back to him. His unit had come under heavy German bombardment as they fought their way east of Paris. Everyone had rushed for cover. The American forces had responded with a bombardment of their own.

The Germans had started to fall back, but were still putting up stiff resistance. Then Andrew remembered hearing the whistling of incoming shells. He threw himself to the ground, and he could remember no more.

As he looked around himself, Andrew could tell he was in an Army hospital. Suddenly, he became aware of a tremendous pain in his right arm. He looked toward it and the shock he felt was instant and intense. Where his arm was supposed to be, the sheet lay limp against the bed.

As he lay there gasping at the shock of not having his arm, someone spoke to him.

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