A lesson learned


By Daris Howard
Special to The PREVIEW

My daughter, Heather, came home from school almost in tears. She had worked hard on a school project, but when the graded papers were passed back, there wasn’t one for her. She had seen the one she knew was hers in the possession of a boy who sat near her. She could tell he had erased her name and had written his in its place.

This boy would often lean over trying to copy her work. She always tried to protect it from him, but he was quite persistent. But now, when she saw him claiming credit for her work, she could hardly contain her emotions.

When she went to talk to the teacher about it, the teacher was quite sympathetic, but didn’t know what evidence there was to prove it. She said that all she could do was to allow Heather to redo the paper. That was why Heather was so upset when she came home.

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