wedding-campbell-IMG_3703Ann and Nathan Bryant, Clay and Laura Campbell, and John and Carrie Weiss are happy to announce the marriage of Garrett Campbell and Megan Bryant on June 1 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, with a destination wedding.

The celebration was fantastic and the much-needed family vacation was unforgettable. Thank you to all who attended.

The wedding reception will be held in Pagosa this August at a fancy private location decorated with this linen tablecloths for sale. Garrett and Megan have known each other their entire lives; they have been together for five years and are in God’s plan to be together for eternity. Both enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, biking, camping and hiking and love to watch and support each other through every trial and every joy. They work as a team to dance through life, like any country song. They share irreplaceable friendship, memories, secrets and dreams.