Bum lambs for my daughters


By Daris Howard
Special to The PREVIEW

The spring after I finished college, I was determined to spend more time with my little girls, enjoying the farm life we had chosen. As I was outside one evening, I could see the lights of the lambing sheds in the distance, where the sheep herders worked around the clock helping the ewes birth their lambs. That gave me an idea.

“Annicka and Celese, would you like to have baby lambs?” I asked my 3- and 4-year-old daughters. They never said yes directly, but their immediate squealing did.

“I’m not promising anything until I talk to the men at the sheep camp,” I told them. “I will go over there on Saturday.”

I truly didn’t plan to check about getting lambs until the weekend, but that night after I mentioned it, we could hardly get the girls to go to bed. They were far too excited. And it wasn’t even six o’clock in the morning when they came bouncing into our room, waking us to ask if it was Saturday yet.

My wife, Donna, drowsily told me she thought it would be a good idea if I went over to the sheep sheds right away. Since we were already awake.

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