Making the connection


By Daris Howard
Special to The PREVIEW

As our flight came to a stop, my wife, Donna, quickly used her smart phone to find where our next flight would be. “It’s at gate eighty,” she told me.

“That’s lucky,” I said. “We’re at seventy-three. That should mean it’s right next door.”

I will be the first to admit that I am not a world-class traveler. I seldom get out of Idaho. But Donna had always dreamed of us going to Hawaii, so when we hit our 30th anniversary, we decided to start saving money. It took over a year and lots of scrimping, along with searching for the very best deals, but we were finally on our way.

We wanted to get to Hawaii as early in the day as possible so we could get settled in, but when it was time for our first flight’s departure, there wasn’t even a plane at the gate. An airline representative spoke over the intercom and said, “For those on flight 1437 to Los Angeles, there has been a slight delay. The flight coming out of California took off an hour late, and those on flight 1437 will be taking that same plane back. Anyone who has less than an hour between connections will need to come to the kiosk so we can rebook your next flight.”

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