Colorado accepting fall limited turkey license applications


By Mike Porras
Special to The SUN

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding turkey hunters that they can apply for fall limited licenses through the July 10 deadline. Over-the-counter turkey licenses can be purchased at any Colorado Parks and Wildlife office, license agents or online beginning Aug. 5.

Hunters are advised that applying for a limited license or purchasing any license online is recommended to streamline the process and prevent common mistakes that may invalidate an application.

“We continue to see an increase in online license applications and purchases, whether for big game, fishing, small game or turkey,” said license manager Henrietta Turner. “It has significantly cut down on disqualified applications.”

Turner says that CPW customer service representatives and hunt planners are always available to help with general questions or applications, whether completed online or on paper. If you need assistance with an application, call your nearest Colorado Parks and Wildlife office. Hunt planners are available Monday through Friday at (303) 291-PLAN (7526) to help with questions about hunting.

“Just give us a call if you get stuck,” said Turner. “We understand that for some people, using a computer may be a new experience, but we are here to help them get through the process.”

Turkey hunting continues to grow in popularity across the country and the state. In Colorado, opportunities are greater than ever as the in-state turkey populations continue to grow and expand.

“Turkey are certainly one of the success stories in terms of Colorado’s wildlife management efforts,” said state small game manager Ed Gorman. “Fall turkey hunting offers a very unique and different opportunity than spring turkey hunting.  Regardless, turkey hunting remains very popular with the dedicated hunter while at the same time attracting many novices each year, including women and youth eager to try hunting for the first time.”

Through CPW’s Hunter Outreach Program, novices have the opportunity to participate in mentored big game, small game and turkey hunts, often leading to a lifetime of active participation in outdoor activities and wildlife management.

To learn more about hunting turkey, download a current brochure or to purchase or apply for a license online, visit

For more information about the Hunter Outreach Program, visit